Deceived, Deceitful, & Damned –Unless They Repent

October 29, 2013

When people have been in a ministry that is devoted to spreading God’s Word, or when they are preparing to join that ministry, and in either case, are, or have been, asking others to support them financially, it is called deceit if those people are secretly listening to and adhering to doctrines which are contrary to the doctrines of that ministry. While people remain unsure of what they believe, they should not pretend that they are on board with the doctrines of a certain ministry, especially if they are receiving financial support (from anyone) for being involved in that ministry.

For example, if a man is renting a mission’s housing facility because he has said that he is preparing to go overseas as a member of that mission, yet he is gravitating toward Mormonism, the New Age, Catholicism, or any other false religion, that man is being deceptive toward the mission as well as toward others who are helping him in various ways, particularly financially. Certainly the man is free to turn from the Truth of God’s Word, but in doing so, he should have made it known that he was considering the change and thus not have accepted financial support while he was studying literature in opposition to the mission’s beliefs. Moreover, he should give back the money he did accept from those who, in trusting the man’s integrity, were giving to him due to the fact that he had said he was engaged in preparation for the proclamation of God’s Word overseas.

But, aside from being deceitful toward his fellowman, what else has such a man done by turning from the Truth to follow the teachings of a false religion? The man has committed treason against Christ. He has turned from Christ’s Truth and authority and has turned to the authority of men. He has chosen to believe men’s teachings as more authoritative than Christ’s teachings. He has decided that submission to men is more important than submission to Christ, His Word, and His Lordship. In deliberately following Deception, such a man has denied Christ and is walking the path of damnation.

Can such a man recognize his arrogance and error? Maybe, if someone is praying for him; and if he hasn’t already been so swallowed by the strong delusion that he simply cannot come back.

with love,

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