Praising God Along With Us

October 27, 2013

It has been such a blessing to our family to have so many people express their sympathy and concern toward my dad regarding the accident he had on 9/30/13 when he, as a pedestrian, was hit by a car. He is okay (except for bruises and a sprained foot), and we thank all those who have praised the Lord along with us for God’s compassion in sparing his life. I wrote about the incident a week later and it can be read here:

It has been amazing to see how many people stopped by my parents’ house and visited my dad, conveying their concern for him as well as their thanksgiving to God. The first two weeks it seemed that my parents had at least five visitors a day! Besides that, others from all over the world have emailed or called, as they heard of it via Facebook or however else. We thank all who have been so kind, thoughtful, and concerned.

It has truly been sobering to hear others tell of the way the Lord has cared for them too, many who are in other lands spreading the Gospel diligently and courageously. May the Lord continue to watch over them and encourage them. Also sobering are the reports of those who are having difficulties of various sorts, including terminal disease. Yet it is inspiring to hear their words of reliance and trust in the Lord’s goodness, wisdom, and sovereignty.

We certainly are in a fallen world, a dangerous world. But God. But His goodness, but His might, but His tenderness toward His servants and those who daily take refuge in Him. It has been beautiful to praise our God along with so many others who also love to extol His wonderful works.

with love,

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