Invoking The Names Of Other Gods

October 19, 2013

God says, “Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.” (Ex. 23:13) God’s law of morality and love is not outdated. True, the Jewish ceremonial law has been replaced by the New Covenant law, the law of the Spirit (Rom. 7:6), but God’s Eternal Law is to be fully obeyed, and this includes not invoking the names of other gods or letting them be heard on our lips.

The dictionary says that “invoke” means to cite or appeal to someone or something as an authority for an action or so as to support an argument. We are therefore never to use the names of other gods (false gods) as justification for our beliefs or actions. We are, in fact, not to even mention them. Nor are we to ever pray to them! Instead, we are to consider them unworthy of our interest or of any influence over us. They are to mean nothing to us.

But, do “Christians” often invoke the names of other gods and talk of them? Certainly they do. Though they wouldn’t admit it, or likely consider themselves doing so, this sin is committed frequently by many.

What is a false god? It is anything or anyone to which/whom others give excessive praise, honor, reverence, homage, attention, service, and/or time. Golfing or sailing or any hobby can be a god, one’s spouse, child, or church can be a god, pleasure or excitement or entertainment can be a god, and of course money can be a god. Whatever a person is devoted to so that God, the true God, is pushed to second place, has become that person’s god. Whatever a person is willing to sacrifice one’s integrity for, is that person’s god.

Not only are we not to have other gods, we are not to invoke their names or talk of them. Yet how often do we hear “Christians” discussing the latest modern gods? On and on they talk about this movie and that, this famous person and that, this worldly philosophy and that, this source of pleasure and that, and this way to make money and that? On they chatter, paying homage to false gods and invoking their names continuously, yet never stopping to realize that the Creator God whom they say they love and serve and worship is rarely talked about, if at all. Claiming they follow Him, they pay no attention to Him, His Word, or His commands –except maybe for an hour on Sundays.

All this many “Christians” do, even though they know God’s command to put Him first and to have no other gods, or invoke their names, or mention them. Yet they do, and even though they know Jesus upheld and taught God’s Eternal Law, such as when He said, “For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.” (Mt. 4:10)

with love,

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