True Conversion Is A Submission Of Our Entire Will

October 18, 2013

Today Daniel sent out a message by Andrew Murray and it should greatly inspire all who truly want to know and enjoy God’s loving fellowship. (Click here to read Murray’s sermon.)

As Murray says, we need to understand that our entire will must be submitted to the Lord on a continual basis. Thus true conversion is to eagerly repent, acknowledge that Christ is both Savior and Ruler, and in submission, pledge allegiance to His rule in everything. Those who truly belong to God will live accordingly.

The only way to be truly converted then, is to crucify Self, meaning, to crucify our own will. As Murray says, we should at all times say, “I will do nothing but God’s will.” This, we should take joy and strength and comfort in, for if we are thus submitted, it is God who is performing His will through us. However, we certainly do need to be continually listening to the Spirit of the Lord so that we will know what He is commanding of us. How we best do that is to be daily in God’s Word, and to be already putting His teachings into practice, all according to the Light and understanding He has so far given to us individually. In doing so, we should then be confident that God will reveal His every instruction to us, though most always He does so only on a daily basis, meaning, one or two steps at a time. This is why our walk with the Lord is called “faith” and “trust”.

If people do not have their will in full submission to God, then they simply are not trusting His will, nor Him. Moreover, they are in defiance to His rulership. This would make for a false follower of Christ.

The above is only a short summary of what I received from Murray’s message, but his message itself would be very beneficial to all who want to better understand what God considers to be true conversion. A proper understanding, let’s remember, can be a matter of Heaven and Hell.

with love,

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