Apathetic About Their Rescue From Hell

October 15, 2013

The sermon we heard this last Sunday (Oct. 13, 2013) was gripping:


Gary, the main pastor, read a modern day parable about a life-saving station which had been built along a seacoast to rescue drowning passengers of shipwrecks. People from the life-saving station would go out looking for people who had been shipwrecked and save them. However, after a time some of those who ran the life-saving station thought the station should look prettier, and though others insisted that money and effort should go only to saving lives, the idea of a fancier station won out. Soon the station became a lovely place to meet friends and hang out to play and talk, rather than train for saving lives. So there was a split and one group went to build another station that would concentrate on the saving of lives.

But, unfortunately, this station too soon had people arise that wanted to make the station a cleaner, fancier, more relaxing place, and the scenario of the first station was repeated. After many years, stations could be seen up and down the seacoast, yet most of those who congregated there did not go out rescuing shipwrecked people at all!

This is truly a sad story, but it is the actual case of most churches in the world. Rather than focusing on training life-saving crews, on rescuing the drowning, and on providing refuge and healing for those who are dying in their sins, churches have become clubs full of people apathetic to the horrible plight of those headed for Hell. Laughing, dancing, singing, and eating, church-goers turn a blind eye to the dire need for salvation of those who are going on in their sins.

As Gary reminded us, there is a Hell and it is a place of extreme anguish –emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual anguish. And it will go on forever, for it is the place that God is absent from forever. People will gnash their teeth, not only with pain, but with regret –the regret of not calling out to Jesus to forgive them of sin, wash them clean, and let them become unified with Him so that they can live with Him eternally.

But, apathetic about their own rebellion against God’s command to be rescuing the lost, the people in the life-saving stations just act like Hell isn’t real.

with love,

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