Calling On Idols Is Repugnant To God

October 13, 2013

How foolish are those who follow after religions that erect images of wood, stone, metal, silver, or gold so that people might pray to these. “Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? Or an image that teaches lies [–an image which false teachers use in order to deceive]?” (Ha. 2:18) Yes, what? “Why would its creator place his trust in his own creation? He makes idols that cannot speak.” (same verse) Though he bows down to it and worships his idol, saying, “Save me” (Isa. 44:17), the image is worthless and cannot save. (v. 18) Therefore the Lord declares that the people themselves become worthless. (Jer. 2:4) They are detestable to Him and thus destined for the lake of fire. (Ezek. 5:8-17 // Rev. 21:8)

God says, “But My people have exchanged their Glory for worthless idols.” (Jer. 2:11) Yes, for even some of those who at one time worshipped God do turn away from Him, the only God, so that they might call out for assistance to a lifeless statue. Like feeding on ashes, these deluded people cannot seem to acknowledge that a religion that encourages them to pray to anyone other than God is a repugnant lie. (Isa. 44:19,20)

Why then do so many people who once adhered to God’s Word later choose to turn from Him (even while claiming they are not) and follow the teachings of men? Why do they gravitate toward doctrines that are not those of the Truth? It’s because deep down in their hearts they want to be their own masters. They want to live their own lives and think their own thoughts. Christ’s teachings are too hard, too shocking. “It couldn’t really be like that,” they reason amongst their friends. “There must be another way.” So they read books, and puffing themselves up with worldly wisdom, they invent for themselves a plate of several religions by which to feed off of. And then they insist they have the Truth –even if it’s not supported by Scripture.

What have these people done? In their hearts they’ve exchanged God for a lie. Rather than upholding God’s Word –what God commands and says is the Truth– they uphold the words of men, including their own words –those doctrines which they have decided is the way to Heaven. No wonder 1 Sam. 15:23 compares the evil of arrogance with the evil of idolatry!

God despises idolatry. He condemns anyone who goes on with their mockery and distain toward Him. God is a great King, the only God, the Sovereign Ruler over all, and He has commanded that all men repent, turn to Him by way of Christ Jesus (God in human form –John 1:1,14 // Col. 2:9), and worship, praise, pray to, call on, serve, and bow down to Him alone.

Anyone who refuses to listen and obey this command is being extremely foolish.

with love,

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