John MacArthur On “The Way to Heaven”

October 10, 2013

My husband wanted me to share this sermon series (see below links) by John MacArthur. He has listened to each message about ten times and says they are excellent.

The series deals with those gospels and opinions that claim to be paths to Heaven but are not. Such paths are all labeled “Counterfeit”. These are the devil’s favorites. It’s kind of like this: Let’s say you are selling something for $20 and two people come to you to buy your product. Person A offers you 20 marbles, and Person B offers you a $20 bill. Which would you take? The $20 bill, of course. The only problem is that later, when you go to spend your $20 at a grocery store, the clerk finds the bill to be a counterfeit. Is the bill you thought to be of a $20 value any good to you? No. It is completely useless to you. It can buy you nothing. And so you go home hungry.

Similarly, the devil offers people counterfeit ways to Heaven. But they look like real ways. If he offered them ways of sinful filth while saying, “Yes, this is the way to Heaven”, most people would not fall for that. So he concocts deceptions. He presents counterfeits.

Please listen to these sermons, or read the transcripts which are included in the individual links.

Here is the link to the whole series:

The Way to Heaven
Matthew 7:13-29

Here are the individual links:

Which Way to Heaven?
Beware of False Prophets, Part 1
Beware of False Prophets, Part 2
Empty Words
Empty Hearts

My husband and I have listened to John MacArthur many times most weeks for 19 years, and though we don’t agree with all of his views, we do appreciate that in most of his sermons he explains the Truth clearly and powerfully.

with love,

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