Dad, A Pedestrian, Hit, But Okay

October 7, 2013

Last Monday morning as my dad was walking across the street to work, he got hit by a car. He is okay, except for a sprained ankle, but it has been quite the week for my parents. Relatives and neighbors, as well as friends far and wide have called or visited them, for everyone has realized that it was definitely a brush with death. Some in the community have called the city’s councilmen to ask if the city is going to wait for someone to get killed before putting up the stoplight that has been requested for years as the traffic there continues to greatly increase.

It has taken me a week to decide if I want to write about this accident, for understandably, it has been alarming and/or emotional for everyone, as many students, members of the mission, and even children often cross that street. For our family, it has been especially so, not because my dad had to be taken by ambulance to the emergency room and now, for a time, can’t walk, but because it is disturbing to know a beloved member of our family could have been killed or hurt badly. On top of this, for me, it is a bit un-nerving because the Lord had, several weeks prior, showed me the pale horse of death, and understanding that it was someone I loved dearly, I’d responded by crying out to the Lord to spare the person. Since I had continued to pray daily about it, I had, thankfully, already received the assurance that it would only be a brush with death and the person would be okay.

However, last Monday at sunrise, the Lord told me to get up and start praying and praising Him, so I did, and as I did so, I suddenly realized I was to intercede for the life of the person still at risk of death. “Still?” I remember saying. “I thought the danger had passed.” But I obeyed and about an hour later my mom called, the accident just having happened.

There were two eye-witnesses (one woman jogging, another driving and about to turn into the mission center), and so my parents have had them both, separately, over to visit to give their details. Their accounts are both in line with what my dad himself had thought had happened, and what the police were told.

Here is apparently what happened: As my dad got to the middle of the road, a car suddenly came up the hill, and though he was driving too fast, he saw my dad and put on the brakes and swerved. However, a woman tailing him too close and too fast slammed into that car, and the impact pushed her car’s right side into my dad, throwing him down. My dad, having been a paratrooper, knew how to fall and roll, but it truly was only the grace of God that he was not horribly injured. We thank God over and over and over!!! The drivers of both cars jumped out and ran to my dad, and within minutes others began arriving on the scene too. Both drivers said the sun had been in their eyes and the woman, in particular, said she had been reaching for her sunglasses.

Well, the paramedics were called, and besides them and the gathering crowd, there were three police cars and a firetruck. Before they all showed up, one of our sweet missionary friends brought my dad a soft chair to sit on as others assessed his injuries. The woman who had been jogging, after giving some statements to the police, ran to my parents’ house to comfort my mom who was still at home. Then shortly after that, my dad’s boss, who is also a good friend of his, drove my mom to the emergency room where the ambulance had taken my dad, and he stayed with my parents for several hours.

I tell of this incident for several reasons. First, to give thanks to the Lord who is merciful and who is willing, not only to teach us His ways, but to warn us of things which can, concerning ourselves or others, be avoided –avoided through prayer and praise to Him who can shield us from harm and heartache. What a compassionate Shepherd we have! I also tell about it so as to encourage us all to be listening to the Lord at all times, to believe what He warns us about and take action concerning it, to be in the Word so that we can be attuned to His voice, to be walking in the Spirit so that we will be led in how best to pray, to be practicing our faith through praise and obedience and service so that we will be at peace in the face of otherwise fearsome things, and so that we will be confident to ask for favor from God for ourselves and for those He lays on our hearts.

On top of all this, I also hope to warn everyone of the obvious fact that the life of every one of us is fragile, that each life is a fleeting mist in view of eternity, and that we all must be ready to meet the One who will judge us after we die. This life is the test, and after that is the Judgement (Heb. 9:27) when every person will be judged according to what he has done in thought, word, and deed. (Ec. 12:14 // Jer. 17:10 // Mt. 12:37 // John 5:29 // Rom. 2:16 & 3:19 // 2 Cor. 5:10 // Heb. 4:13 // Rev. 20:12,13) Indeed, any one of us can have our earthly life snuffed out when we least expect it.

And one more thing: Let’s all be warned, and warn others too, to drive more carefully, to not carelessly play with the radio, to not text while driving, to not speed, to pay better attention, and to drive with the fact in mind that the vehicle we are maneuvering is capable of injuring or killing either ourselves or another’s life.

with love,

P.S. While memorizing my Scripture verses last evening, including Isa. 46:3,4, I was reminded that I had been led by the Lord to write those two verses on my dad’s birthday card that I’d given him when we celebrated his 78th birthday several weeks ago. It says, “Listen to Me… you whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth. Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” I meditated on each phrase, especially that last one, and thanked the Lord many times for having definitely done this. Truly He is a compassionate God –He who is our Sustainer, Protector, and Deliverer!

Below are 20 photos honoring my dad’s life and thanking God for his fervor in spreading Christ’s Gospel of love across the globe. May he (and all of us) have many more fruitful years to continue doing just that!

1. My dad with my brother’s youngest in May, 2013.

2. My mom in September, 2013.

3. My parents in September, 2013.

4. My parents as newlyweds in 1961.

5. My parents in 1967.

6. My parents in 1973.

7. My parents in 1980.

8. My dad, his little brother, & their parents in 1940.

9. My dad in 1952, age 16.

10. Dad in 1953.

11. High school graduation, 1953.

12. Dad, army paratrooper before college, 1955.

13. My dad with Agta man, Ayogyog,1962.

14. Me with my parents outside our Agta home, 1964.

15. Visiting my mom’s parents in 1967.

16. Our family (with visitor) outside our home that got buried in the landslide.

17. Our family in 1983 when I was home in the Philippines from college in the U.S.

18. Our extended family in February, 2007.

19. My parents with my sister’s oldest child’s high school graduation, June, 2013.

20. My dad jumping off the dock with 3 of his grandkids and their friends, July, 2013.

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