Success Is God’s Concern, Not Ours

October 5, 2013

Yesterday someone asked me a question which they had read somewhere and it was something like this: “If you knew for sure that you would not fail, what would you be doing right now?”

I said that I would be doing just what I’m doing.

It’s a good question to meditate on and to use for examining our heart and life. For if we would choose to do something other than what we are currently doing, what does that say? I believe it says that we may not be walking in God’s will, or that if we are, we are willing to give it up in order to be doing that certain thing we desire and which we cannot fail at.

The question could motivate someone into thinking courageously, imaginably, and in line with “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13), but otherwise the question is not really one which a true Christ-follower would pay much attention to after the initial consideration and answer. Why? Because we don’t act or speak based on whether or not we will be successful. Of course it is nice if we are, but success is not our concern. Our concern is to do just what our Commander has ordered us to do, and if we know we are doing exactly what He says, and to the utmost of our ability as we continue to utilize His Spirit and His Word constantly, then success in the assignment is HIS concern, not ours.

Those of us who have, for many years, watched God work, know that He often seems to work against Himself, that He often seems to have allowed Himself to be defeated, or that He may often even seem to be completely unconcerned. But we know that it only seems this way. For we know that in His timing, God rises up and brings about the answer, the fulfillment, the revival, the deliverance, the salvation, the miracle, the reward, the pearl, the finished product, the success.

If God is the one responsible for the results, and we are the ones responsible for carrying out His orders, then the question above should merely make us stop and evaluate our motives for what we are currently doing. Are we doing what we’re doing in order to be successful, or are we doing what we’re doing because God told us to be doing it? Only the latter is the one which pleases God.

with love,

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