Entering Into Covenant To Be Happy

September 28, 2013

The counselor asked, “Why do you want to marry this person?”

“Because that is what will make me happy,” was the answer.

“So what I hear,” said the counselor, “is that you want to marry Annie so that you can be happy.”

“Yes,” the young man confirmed. “Marrying Annie will make me very happy.”

“How exactly will that make you happy?” the counselor probed.

“Well, because I like her,” the groom-to-be answered. “And I love her.”

The counselor waited quietly.

“And because I want to be with her,” the young man added.

The counselor was still waiting quietly.

“And because I want to give her things.” The young man shifted uneasily in his chair, getting visibly frustrated and confused. “And because I want to take care of her.”

“Doing these things will make you happy?” The counselor stated it as a question.

“Yes,” the young man answered.

“So by marrying Annie, you will find happiness?”


The counselor nodded slowly. “Will being married to you make Annie happy?”

“I think so.”

“I see,” the counselor mused. “But you are sure it will make you happy?”

“Yes, absolutely!” The young man was emphatic.

The counselor wrote down in his notes, “Very selfish, self-centered man wants to marry a particular woman so that he will be happy.”

So, let’s see… If any one of us were Annie, and we overheard this little interview, how would we feel about it? Would anyone be excited to hear that the main goal of the person we were about to marry is that HE would find happiness? Undoubtably, if we were wise, we would have some misgivings and probably call off the wedding.

Are most people any different than this young man, though, when they go before the Lord to worship Him and to make requests of Him? Have most people not sought unity with God for their own happiness and well-being? Have they not sought to align themselves with Christ on their own terms? What is their primary goal? Is it to do for God, or for God to do for them? Is it to bring joy to God, or is it to bring joy to themselves?

It’s not a small difference. It’s huge. Yes, two people in a beautiful marriage will find happiness in being in covenant with each other. But what is the goal of each? If the primary goal of each, or even one of them, is to receive their own happiness, the marriage is doomed to crumble.

Will Christ unite Himself with a person whose primary motive for covenanting with Him is that he (the human) will receive happiness (or joy)? Maybe. For God is merciful and patient. But then again, maybe not. (John 2:23-25) Especially if He sees ahead that that person will refuse to get the focus of his desires off himself.

Maybe it’d be good if each one of us examined our own heart to see what might be revealed concerning our real motive for “loving” God.

with love,

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