Dr. Robert Jeffress’ Sermon Concerning Our Purpose

September 21, 2013

On Wednesday I heard a great sermon on the radio by Dr. Robert Jeffress. It can be heard here:


A day later I listened from the link above and took some notes as Dr. Jeffress was speaking out Truth after Truth. Here is what I derived from his message:

~~God created each of us for a great purpose. Jer. 1:4,5 was quoted, for in Jeremiah’s case, God knew / chose him even before he was conceived to be a prophet to the nations. Likewise, we all have been created to proclaim, through our words, attitudes, and actions, God’s greatness, love, Gospel, and Word across the earth.

~~Our purpose is to fulfill God’s purpose. Therefore, we should ask, “God, what is Your will and how can I give my life to fulfill it?”

~~God’s purpose is to rescue as many people as possible from the kingdom of darkness so that they can come into relationship with Him. God does not want anyone to perish. Some verses mentioned were Mt. 28:19,20 and Luke 19:10 and 1 Tim. 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9.

~~We are soldiers. 2 Tim. 2:4 says that soldiers do not get involved in civilian affairs. Therefore, we, as Christ’s soldiers, are to be fully involved in the Lord’s will and mission. Just as the task of soldiers is to expand the kingdom of their King and Commander, we are to be thoroughly involved in expanding, through Truth, love, and righteousness, the Kingdom of our King and Commander. All efforts that do not work toward this purpose are worthless.

~~Many people are depressed. This is due to their efforts to find meaning and purpose in life while coming up empty. Even while striving and searching endlessly, nothing fills their emptiness and so they find themselves repeatedly disappointed. Their decreasing hope of ever finding meaning, purpose, and satisfaction only intensifies.

~~Why are humans always on a search for satisfaction? It is because God has put eternity in our hearts. (Ec. 3:11) However, if we do not find God and find our satisfaction in Him, all of life reveals itself to be meaningless. If we never find our satisfaction in God, then we ourselves, ultimately, have remained meaningless.

~~Why can humans not find satisfaction, and thus purpose, in anything or anyone other than God? It is because we are eternal beings, eternal spirits, and can therefore only find fulfillment in that which is eternal. Only in, through, and from God can we be released from eternal death and find eternal life –as in Life, aliveness, contentment, purpose, and joy. With an ocean of eternity in our hearts, how could we ever think we could fill that space with a few buckets of pleasure, money, or accomplishment??? Only an eternal and omnipresent God can do this.

~~Humans need an eternal purpose. We need to know that our lives have meaning beyond the temporal. We need to find that which will transcend this life. Therefore, we need an eternal purpose.

~~This eternal purpose is to align ourselves with God’s eternal purpose. The only way to do this is to unite with Him, and to do so through our faith and repentance, and our submission to His will and mission.

~~God sent Jesus to seek and to save those who are lost in their sins, lost in the dark realm, and lost in their ignorance and rebellion. God’s will for us is that we be just like Jesus. Therefore, our mission is to seek out and rescue all whom we possibly can. For Christ died for the whole world and desires that all men everywhere come to Him –the Fountain of Life, meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

with love,

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