More Satisfying Than God?

September 20, 2013

I like what Micah said on 9/15/13 at when he writes about the sin of turning from finding our satisfaction in God. For truly, this is a vile sin.

What could cause a person who loves God, and is finding full delight in Him, to turn away from God to search out other things or beings that might bring more fulfillment? A lie. A lie in the heart. But a heart that is finding full satisfaction in the Lord would be clean; so the lie would have to come from some outside source such as from the devil, the world, or another person, or be sparked as a result of some event or situation.

Circumstances a person encounters can pull that person down and away from their fervent love for God as these can cause anxieties, busyness, arrogance, etc. that can turn a heart from God. The pleasures and false promises of the world can do it, and so can the devil. We expect this. We as Christ-followers expect that these are dangers to us and so we guard ourselves accordingly. But other people, I believe, are the ones we do not train ourselves and each other to adequately guard against. For are we not taught to love, to accept, to tolerate, and to even befriend everyone without impartiality, and by so doing, to enable them to come to accept Christ and His Truth?

However, what seems to often happen is that the unbeliever (or the lukewarm Christian) helps to turn the lover of God away from God. How does this occur? By a lie. A lie that says, “You can join in my search for satisfaction and still keep your satisfaction in Christ.” Or, a lie that says something even more blatant: “What I’ve chosen to find satisfaction in is much more gratifying than your choice.”

What are these liars actually doing? They are exalting themselves above God. They are claiming that they know more than God does about what satisfies us. They are attempting to usurp God’s authority in our lives. In trying to get us to join them and their quest for pleasure, acclaim, money, sex, power, or whatever else besides God, they are, in reality, making the claim that these things bring more fulfillment and happiness than God can. They are claiming that such things are better than God.

And what about a person who tries to entice a lover of God to compromise his beliefs, values, or morals as a stipulation for receiving favors, assistance, affection, friendship, membership, employment, or payment? Such a person has, in essence, said, “I myself am more satisfying, fulfilling, and gratifying to know and have and serve than God. If you accept this and behave accordingly, we’ll get along. If not, you will experience my revenge.” In other words, “I am the greatest Ruler anyone around here could ever know; so who is God compared to me?”

But such thoughts are just like those of the devil –utterly vile. We need to realize this. We need to recognize that enticements from other people that dishonor God in any way are lies. And that lies turn us away from continuing to find our satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and contentment in God alone.

with love,

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