Daniel Out Exhorting the Homeless

September 16, 2013

I was very excited to hear Daniel email me this wonderful report of the encounters he and his friend had this last Saturday as they went out ministering to the homeless. I applaud him for his courage and obedience, for being “a doer of the Word, not a hearer only.” (See Ja. 1:22) For as that verse along with verse 21 warn us, if we merely listen to the Word without putting to practice what it commands, we deceive ourselves if we believe ourselves to be saved. (See also Luke 6:46-49) And being that Jesus has told us to follow Him in being “fishers of men” (Mt. 4:19), meaning to bring others into His Kingdom, we must be doing this actively –either on the front lines or assisting in some capacity. (Mt. 5:13-16 & 9:35-38 & 28:18-20) If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we will definitely be proclaiming Christ’s Kingdom in the boldness and power of God’s Spirit. (Mi. 3:8 // Mt. 11:12 // Acts 1:4-8)

Here, and used with permission, is what Daniel wrote:

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for the words! It was awesome to serve the Lord. Wasn’t easy, a different experience for me to be honest, but was great. We ministered to a group of about 7 homeless sitting together. At one stage the Lord really took over and spoke through me quite convictingly and strongly, with the basic message of ‘Look Jesus is calling out to you guys now, and He loves you with an everlasting love, but you guys need to actually choose Him, if you don’t want Him He can’t give Himself to you, so you have to choose if you really want Jesus from your hearts or not.’ But it was in a powerful way that I even saw the one girl was quite convicted. I really felt the Spirit talking through me, cause I am not normally outspoken like that and firm like that, especially speaking in front of a group.

We also specifically ministered to this one person Vincent, who we felt God wants to raise up as even a leader, even to lead the homeless to a better place, like Moses, but could really sense God calling Him to Himself with all His heart. I told Him I felt God say that He was holding back his heart from God, which He confirmed was true, and then told Him God is challenging Him to give Him and wants all of His heart. I hope that gnaws at Him until He truly gives God all His heart. What I really wanted above all else was that God would show up and speak through us, which is exactly what happened! In my humble opinion that is what is impactful, when we are the vessels and we speak just what God is wanting to speak to a person or group of people, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Then you come away with a sense of, whew, okay I just spoke what the Lord wanted to say, now its up to them if they respond to the Lord or not . Like basically doing His work, not our own, but He does it through us. Vessels 🙂 (obviously offering them to respond then and there, but you know what I mean, like they now know Jesus has directly reached out to them). I really believe that God will now speak to all of them Himself and convict them further of what was said. I hope the words burn in their hearts so they can’t forget them. Jesus really called out to them there today.

It’s also just personally so great to know that in some way I’m responding to doing the work of Jesus. Its really almost relieving to the soul, that actually doing what He asked of us, not just hearing it.


It is so true that when we step out in the courage and obedience that comes from (true) faith, then the Holy Spirit takes over (not like a trance, but seemingly natural, though also supernatural), rewarding our efforts so that we do actually find Him speaking through us! (Mark 13:9-11 // 1 Peter 4:11) If we are cleansed vessels who have been walking in the Spirit, then we are fully enabled to, every chance we get, open up our mouths to proclaim the Message of freedom obtained through Christ. (Isa. 61:1 // 1 John 2:6) It truly is an exciting and fulfilling vocation!

with love,

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