Patience Means Waiting

September 4, 2013

Throughout history, patience has undoubtably been difficult for almost everyone. However, in our day when so much of what we receive is instant, or nearly instant, many people seem to be having a really hard time waiting for anything –including waiting on God, His voice, His instructions, His promises, and His timing. Yet God’s Word teaches us that waiting on the Lord is extremely important, and that those who do so will not be disappointed (Ps. 22:5 // Isa. 49:23c) while those who do not do so may forfeit God’s good plan for them. (See Jer. 41:16-43:13 for example.)

God tells us in Isa. 55:8,9 that His thoughts and His ways, His plans and His deeds, are infinitely superior to ours. This is certainly understandable, for He is God, the Creator, the Most High, the Almighty, the omniscient and omnipresent One, and the Sovereign Ruler of the universe. Shouldn’t we accept, then, that He knows what is going on in every heart, mind, life, and circumstance, that He knows how, and is perfectly able, even willing, to intervene into the affairs of men, and that for those who have been continually entrusting their lives to Him, God is always bringing them His best? Of course we should accept it. And acceptance means waiting. Waiting in steady trust, increased trust, and patient trust. If we don’t learn to do this, we will be either put back into the refining fire, or be set aside on the “useless heap”, that place where so many people choose, through their rebellion, to go.

Yes, impatience is rebellion. God tells us to seek Him, learn of Him in the wait time, fulfill other assignments He gives, and prepare for that big assignment, all while waiting for His leading and timing regarding it. But, people, impatient for excitement or glory, run ahead of God. Then when they get to where they thought they wanted to go, neither they nor the place are ready, and God’s power and blessing is lacking, or even absent. Most likely the impatient ones will find themselves having to retrace their steps in humiliation.

Ps. 130:5,6 say, “I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His Word I do hope.” Are we doing that? Are we waiting for the Lord to act, to do for us, to speak to us, to comfort us, to guide us, to deliver us, to bring us the career, ministry, marriage, health, deliverance, blessing, and/or reward He has promised? And are we meditating on His Word daily so that we are able to wait in hope, expectancy, and assurance? A child of God should be, and we should be growing in maturity as we do so.

Maturity is what God is aiming to make us. For mature people are useable people –useable in the Lord’s hands for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Not only this, but mature people are “complete, not lacking anything” (Ja. 1:4), and God wants this for us for our own sakes too.

God loves His people, and He also loves the world, wanting everyone to come to repentance. This is why He works patiently, and almost always a whole lot more slowly than we’d like. However, the person who is in training to become conformed to Christ, must accept that, in order to follow Christ, do God’s bidding, walk in the Lord’s will at all times, and be prepared to serve the King in increasingly steady, obedient, and confident faith, that person must have patience. And this comes only from having waited and waited and waited on the Lord, time and time again.

with love,

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