Be Disciplined

August 31, 2013

Pr. 19:18 says, “Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death.”

Sadly, the earth teams with people whose parents did not discipline them. Maybe the parents were too often absent, either at work, or indulging their own interests elsewhere, maybe they believed niceness and tolerance meant love and that this would cause a child to be loving and nice himself, maybe they didn’t know how to discipline correctly, or maybe they just didn’t care enough. Whatever the reason, many people, as is obvious, did not grow up under good parental discipline. Consequently, they were enabled to walk the path of death.

The broad path of death has many boulevards, many streams. But they all flow the opposite way of the narrow path of Life, and so therein is death –spiritual death, an untimely physical death, and eternal death. To be disciplined is the only hope for avoiding all three.

When parents neglect to discipline their children, this affects all of society. Not only do the undisciplined individuals entice and corrupt their peers, creating a multiplication factor there of wickedness, but even the general population, in watching others getting away with inappropriate conduct, learn that such behavior, because it is “normal”, is reasonable and so actually somewhat acceptable.

However, regardless of what the culture teaches, to be undisciplined is neither normal nor acceptable, nor is there any legitimate rationalization for it. Everyone has the ability to use their minds and consciences to tell them that the way they want to be treated is the way to treat others. Everyone has the ability to understand that they must use self-control in all aspects of life and living, and that they therefore must practice restraint. Even those without the Spirit of God know these things. How much more so should those know who claim to be in-dwelt by Him.

So, being we know that discipline is necessary and good, how do we make it less painful? We do it by submitting to the Holy Spirit, He who is not only a gentle, wise, firm, and persistent Trainer, but who is also the One who gives us His own power and joy. By giving us Himself, we can consistently say “No” to evil and “Yes” to righteousness as He leads us into all Truth. By being willing and eager to submit, we make it a habit to obey, to go to the Word to be taught more, and to put to practice what we learn. This is how we “train ourselves to be godly.” (See 1 Tim. 4:7) This is how we become disciplined people. This is how we, no matter what we were taught or not taught in the past, are able to get off the boulevard of death, begin walking the path of Life, obey the Teacher of that Path, stick to our commitment, and reach our final destination called Heaven.

with love,

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