Andrew Murray’s Insights Do Teach Scripture’s Truths

August 27, 2013

Ps. 40:8 says, “I delight to do Your will, O my God. Yes, Your law is within my heart.” Whether King David is saying this himself or is quoting Jesus, the Preexistent One, this should be the heart of all those who claim to love the Lord.

Doing God’s will is essential for belonging to Christ and getting to Heaven, which God’s Word makes very clear, such as in Mark 3:35, Mt. 7:21, and 1 John 2:17. Being this is the case, it would be wise for everyone to seek out how to know what God’s will is so that they can walk in it. To ignore God’s Word, that Book of Knowledge and Instructions which the Lord has given to mankind and which is the main avenue by which we find out God’s will and how to walk in it, is utterly foolish. Yet how many people, even self-proclaimed “Christians” fail to open up and study “Step One”.

Someone emailed me yesterday, telling me that the Lord has been impressing upon him the need to walk in His will at all times. He mentioned that he is reading an ebook on the subject by Andrew Murray. Ah, yes, Andrew Murray –that insightful South African preacher, writer, and servant of the Lord. We would do well to read his works too, even if his old English style may be cumbersome.

Many years ago I read Andrew Murray’s book entitled “Absolute Surrender”, including the one entitled “Be Perfect”, and also another one on prayer. I remember how shocking I found his doctrines to be, thinking, “How can a Christian possibly live up to all that?” But, with hope and faith, I tried to believe, and so set out to try to find out, through God’s Word and putting it into practice, if it was really possible. Of course for anyone who has been reading at my blog, it is obvious that I have come to find, and whole-heartedly believe, that it is.

Contrary to what Calvinists believe, humans have a God-given will of their own and are free to choose to seek the God who has made Himself conspicuous, or to reject the idea of getting to know Him. God woos everyone to make the correct choice, but He does not force. If someone chooses to seek God, God will help that person find Him, if that person shows genuine sincerity through persistence. Such a person will indeed come to the point of knowing Christ well, which will absolutely cause that person to delight to do what the Lord requires of him. It is still that person’s will doing the willing, but he has so eagerly and joyfully surrendered his will to Christ’s will, that the two wills are one. Thereby God’s will is done by God’s servant, for that servant has made a continuous habit of delighting to seek out, ask for, submit to, and DO God’s will.

For anyone else serious about walking in God’s will, below is a link to ebooks by Andrew Murray which should prove greatly beneficial. For truly, Mr. Murray was one of God’s holy, faithful servants who, before he left this earth, gave the rest of us a wealth of wisdom that we should definitely take advantage of.

with love,

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