A Blend Is A Counterfeit

August 20, 2013

Counterfeit gospels are everywhere. Most of those that call themselves “Christianity” teach that a person can belong to the world and still belong to Christ. But this is far from the truth. Over and over God’s Word commands that we separate from the world, die to it, and follow Jesus only. Having a friendship with those who do not obey Christ’s teachings is to be only for the purpose of extending Christ to them so that they may come to know Him. While working and living among the ungodly, our holy conduct and our loyalty and devotion to God are to be obvious and firm.

But instead, what do we have? We have “Christians” who are unstable in their convictions, ignorant of Christ’s hard commands, and careless about the necessity of behaving exactly as Christ would. Refusing to spend time with God so as to be filled with His Word, His Truth, His love, His courage, and His Spirit, their attitudes and actions follow the culture so that tolerance of sin –in themselves and others– is the norm.

What are some of the things the world, the culture, even the “Christian” culture, tell us? They tell us that we deserve to be happy, that we should insist upon our rights, and that we should pursue our dreams. They tell us that if we are angry, or rude, or inconsiderate, or depressed, or fearful, or whatever, it is someone’s fault, but that that someone is certainly not us. They say that since our “issues” and “hang-ups” and “obsessions” are not due to our own faults or sins, then we had better search out whose fault it is. Anyone will do, really. Anyone who could remotely be blamed should be suspect and so if we will just go and pay a counselor, then we will find out who that person (or persons) is, and this will be our road to healing. The whole goal is, of course, “ME”. “Me” is the legitimate focus of everyone’s thoughts and life, at least for a long while. Then after “Me” is taken care of, well then, others can be thought of too. Because how, they reason, can someone create any well-being or happiness for others if one’s Self hasn’t yet found these?

But this worldly philosophy has it twisted. For as Jesus taught us, it is only by losing one’s life that life is gained. It is only by going out, amid one’s own pain and despair, to the highways and ash heaps, to the sorrowing and the dying, that a person finds healing, happiness, joy, power, and love. And it is only by taking Christ’s words to heart, obeying what He teaches, and doing whatever we can think of to do to further His Kingdom, that we become increasingly filled with these things to overflowing. So much so that we can’t help but pour them out on everyone we meet.

There is no commonality between what society is teaching us and what God’s Word and Spirit are teaching us. If we try to blend the two, we will have only a counterfeit. A counterfeit doctrine, a counterfeit religion, a counterfeit gospel, and a counterfeit way to inherit eternal life.

The wise, however, will understand the distinction, and they will separate themselves from all teachings that are not found in the living and active Word of God.

with love,

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