Retaining A Proud Heart

August 18, 2013

Those who want to see what it is like to have God oppose them have at least one sure way, and that is for them to develop an arrogant heart. Both James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5 remind us, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Throughout God’s Word we are warned that those who harbor pride, refusing to repent of it, will incur God’s wrath upon themselves. (Jer. 50:31) Pr. 16:5 says, “The LORD detest all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.” God may, because of His compassion, extend time to the arrogant one, a time to repent as well as ambassadors brought to warn and admonish, but if repentance does not occur, the arrogant man will fall with no one to help him up. (Jer. 50:32) Pride is what made the devil fall from his glorious pinnacle (Ezek. 28:1-19), and pride will always be the ruin and disgrace of those who hold on to it. (Pr. 11:2 & 16:18)

Arrogance in like the evil of idolatry. (1 Sam. 15:23) This is because arrogance makes a person think that they don’t need God, don’t need to listen to Him, and don’t need to obey Him. Pride is the cause of insolence –rude and disrespectful behavior– toward others and toward God. This is absolute foolishness. Definitely, pride turns a man away from the wise path to follow the path of fools.

Why would a man choose to harbor pride in his heart? Well, likely because he feels great satisfaction from it. And likely because he feels he is entitled to do so for one reason or another. Maybe he believes himself to be smart, knowledgeable, skilled, talented, wealthy, beautiful, charming, or an expert in some area, and that he himself is therefore better than others. Whatever his reason, the arrogant man has already exposed his folly before God –He who gave that man his abilities and opportunities and who holds in His hand that man’s life.

Pride in the heart will deceive the person who carries it. (Jer. 49:16 // Ob. 1:3) It will mislead him into thinking he can get away with sin and it will flatter him so that he cannot detect or hate his sins. (Ps. 36:1,2) Pride will keep a man from feeling the need to seek God. (10:4) It will harden his heart (Dan. 5:20) so that, becoming increasingly wicked and ruthless, he will neither see nor understand the plight of his fellowman, nor will he listen to the warnings of God’s messengers so as to avert his own disaster.

By choosing to follow Pride’s counsel, a man rejects God’s counsel, piles up contempt toward God, and thus heaps to himself God’s wrath. How incredibly foolish it is to hold to a heart of pride.

with love,

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