Memorize It So As To Use It

August 14, 2013

I cannot stress enough how important and beneficial it is to memorize God’s Word, and as much of it as possible. There is no other sharper weapon than the Word of God (Heb. 4:12) for defeating enemy darts, for encouraging oneself, for rising up in the Holy Spirit’s power so as to do whatever good thing is at hand to do (such as loving, forgiving, speaking, witnessing, praising, etc.), for making right decisions, for saying no to temptations, and for walking in the attitude of Christ concerning everything.

Certainly it is very helpful to have God’s Word on our table, on our desk, in our car, in our backpack, and always handy. Certainly it is helpful to have the central themes of God’s Word hidden in our hearts, to know the main points of the Gospel, and to understand the riches of God’s grace. Certainly we need to be reading fresh words (Scripture passages) daily so as to learn more and more.

However, when a fiery dart, a huge one, even one with an explosive attached, comes hurtling toward us, just reflecting back on the gist of God’s Word is not going to help much at that moment. Because we are but dust, because we are little specks of powerlessness in our own might, and because we tend to forget, then when panic-stricken, much of what God has promised (especially concerning the fact that in our Source we are completely safe and mighty), we must be in the habit of pulling God’s Word to mind immediately. This habit, though, comes by using (speaking aloud in faith) the Word of God on a daily basis –while we pray, while we work, while we drive, while we wait in lines, while we interact. We must be practicing this habit, for speaking (aloud or under our breath) the words of the All-mighty God –His exact words– is the most powerful defense and offense available. (Note: God’s exact words from His Word means His exact meaning, as many Bible versions do catch.)

When we speak out God’s Word in the name of Jesus (in His authority) and with the shield of faith held high, how can the world or the evil ones counter it? They can’t. They may try to at first, but when they see we mean it, when they see us persisting, they flee. Moreover, when we ourselves hear ourselves speaking the Word of God in obedience and faith, God’s divine power comes flooding into our own spirit and we are built up. It’s kind of like a rock of Truth, from The Truth (Christ), is lodged into our spirit, and as we continue speaking out the Word, the rocks quickly pile up, faith increases and cements them there, and soon we are standing strong and tall like a victory banner on a hill.

But what happens when we speak out a few of God’s words and then stop because the enemy, who is trying to get control, persists with his flags of doubt and fear? Or what happens when no more words from God’s Word are called to mind? Or when the words become jumbled and we think, “Wait now, what does God’s Word actually say?” Well, what happens is that we’ve likely already started sliding down the slippery decline into more doubt and fear and unless we have the faith and the presence of mind during the assault to call out to God to rescue us, we will be overwhelmed and overcome, Satan will achieve his time of glee, and consequences will have to be reaped.

We know that one of the devil’s most successful ploys is to get us to doubt God, His Word, His warnings, and His promises. (Gen. 3:1) He achieves this by twisting what God has plainly said (v. 4,5), and so that without the whole Truth, we are left holding a fake sword by which to fight him off. This of course leaves us open to His devouring teeth. (1 Peter 5:8)

But, if we have the real Sword –the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17)– then we are powerful to slay all the powers of the darkness. (Luke 10:19) And we will know how to do so! Don’t we understand that the dark kingdom knows this and is thus trying relentlessly and cunningly to keep us from having our spirits and mouths filled with the most powerful Weapon in existence?

What are some steps by which to memorize God’s Word? Well, first we must decide we are going to prioritize doing so. Next, we must do it daily, patiently and diligently rehearsing the verses repeatedly. Taking one phrase out of each verse and repeating it thoughtfully many times before going on to the next phrase, is helpful. Flashcards are useful too and so is writing each verse out every day, circling key words, and coloring lightly over key phrases with colored pencils. One thing I do is to read aloud about 30 verses into my computer iTunes so that I can listen to them often when I’m washing dishes or making a sandwich. While recording, I hesitate after saying each reference so that later I can quickly say the verse before my recorded voice says it. This keeps me attentive and my mind exercised while listening.

God’s Word is powerful. Said aloud in faith by a Spirit-filled person who is under the constant control of the Spirit, it is the Weapon that defeats all weapons. But we must have this Weapon immediately ready at all times. It must be in our minds and mouths. Speaking it out must be practiced daily. The Lord has given us this privileged authority, and He expects, even requires, that we use it. To neglect to learn, know, and use God’s Word (by His Spirit) is disobedience to Him, and it is certain ruin for anyone who is a target of the enemy –which we all are ultimately.

with love,

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