Spawns Of Satan

August 5, 2013

A few days ago I became involved in a conversation with three young men, ages 23, 22, and 14. The 22 year old had been complaining about his ex-wife and then stated that his two year old son he’d had by her was “a spawn of Satan”. That’s when I just had to say something, defending the poor child and asking the guy if he had anything to do with such a condition his son was in. He said he did, and went on to brag about how awful he had been in high-school and since.

I tried to witness to the guy, and exhorted him with Scripture verses and the Truth as lovingly as I could. I also asked the other two guys about their lives, and exhorted them as well. The 23 year old seemed a bit more mature, as he at least said he has a job and is going to school to be a mechanic. Both the older guys said they had read the Bible, but the 14 year old said he never had even once. Needless to say, when they left I could only think of the gross depravity of this younger generation living amongst us, most of whom are, sad to say, indeed spawns of Satan. For though there are filthy older people all around too, this younger generation seems to be, in mass, corrupt from the core, and proud of it.

But more than corrupt, and more than habitual liars (for these guys couldn’t quit lying to me and then saying, “Naw, that’s a lie, it’s like this…”), this generation (in general) live lives of complete desperation. Even if some may have decent jobs, they are already on their second marriages, have already had sex with dozens (or hundreds) of people, and always seem to have a disaster they or a family member is reeling from. In fact, these guys’ friends –a woman and her daughter– who were also nearby, and who I talked with briefly, had had their house burn down last month. “And that’s our second home that’s burned,” the woman said. Both were due to something electrical, but when I asked if they’d had home insurance on this last one, she said no, and that six months before, they’d quit paying it because they couldn’t afford it.

How do we witness to such a lost and foolish culture who, for the most part, are no longer living civilly? How can we rebuke, exhort, or encourage a bunch of rebels –those who take pride in their deceitfulness, their promiscuity, their violence, their cruelties, and their lawlessness? What was I supposed to say to the 22 year old’s boasts about how he stabbed a guy with a pen when some others jumped him in the school hallway? How can I exhort him to forgive his ex-wife and show kindness to her when all he appears to understand is self-preservation and selfishness?

God’s Word has warned us about these last days –that the wickedness of people will be exceedingly great and distressful (2 Tim. 3:1-4), even among those who tout some form of godliness. (v. 5) Having no regard for what is right, scoffing at those who practice righteousness, and in their greed exploiting even the innocent, most worldlings are spiraling down deeper into the abyss of condemnation as they heap to themselves the cup of God’s wrath in ever-increasing measure. (Rom. 2:5 // 2 Peter 2:2,3 & 3:3) Yet, unbelievably, they seem not to care. (Rom. 1:28-32)

Well, I’ve prayed for the group a few times since encountering them, but should I continue? Have they not all had plenty of opportunity to choose the right instead of the wrong? Have they not all had adequate time to seek to find God? Do they not all have sufficient ability to learn that what they do not want done to them, they should not do to others? No wonder God calls for a time to stop petitioning Him on behalf of those who, by remaining stubbornly unrepentant, show contempt for the riches of His kindness, tolerance, and patience. (Jer. 7:16 & 11:14 // Rom. 2:4,5)

Sadly, it is true: This generation, in general, are children of the devil (1 John 3:10), and their offspring, as they mimic their role models, can certainly be labeled “Spawns of Satan”. (See John 8:44) Except by extra grace extended to them through some miracle, the next generation is going to be even more vile and lost than what we have now.

We should keep proclaiming God’s Word to everyone, mindful that some seeds –at least a few– will find good soil. But as for ourselves and our own families, taking 2 Cor. 6:17 very seriously would be wise. For by not coming out from among them –separating ourselves from the unclean– God will not receive us either. For God accepts only that which is free of all contaminants. (v. 17,18 & 7:1) Any sin is a contaminant. Therefore, those who sin do not belong to God, but to Satan. (1 John 3:8) Certainly Satan’s children have a highly unfavorable affect on society and a very dangerous and corrupting affect on any who hang out with them for fun. (1 Cor. 15:33)

with love,

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