Obedience Causes Increased Joy, Freedom, Service, & Insight

August 4, 2013

I received an email yesterday (see below) that I believe is an encouragement that needs to be shared. It is a wonderful example of the feeling of joy and freedom, as well as the increase in spiritual insight, that comes from being obedient to God’s Word and to the leading of His Spirit. May it spur us on to take the time to listen at the Lord’s feet, obey His instructions, and not turn aside, even for a moment, from doing what pleases Him.

with love,

Just wanted to update you since I shared with you about going to that Hospital with gift packs and Bibles. I asked a friend of mine to join me, and we went today. It was so cool! We wrapped a bunch of stuff in 4 gift packets and 4 Bibles, as well as 4 bookmarks with specific scriptures on them my friend had made. Thanks be to God He led by His Spirit when we got there, and I kinda knew which people we should approach. We asked each of them their names and conditions and gave them the gifts and the Bibles and asked them if they knew the Lord and if they want prayer etc. They all wanted prayer so we prayed for them and layed hands on them in Jesus name. Anyway, all in all it was an extremely joyous experience and I look forward to what the Lord will direct me to next.

On that point I also learnt when I got home, that this walk is really about obedience to the Spirit hey. It was tempting when I got home to say, “Ah ok, well now I’ve done this good act (in obedience to God) so I can go and do what I want” (as in what I want to do to relax etc), without consulting the Lord as to how to go about the evening in accordance with His will. Well by His grace I did consult Him, and the Holy Spirit made it clear to me that I have the freedom to be in Gods presence, read a devotional-like book, be in the Word for a bit, or watch an animated Bible-story.

The point I’m trying to make with all this, is that serving is a big part of our walk with the Lord, but ultimately God is looking for sons and daughters who are led by His Spirit, in ALL things, both personally, and in service. And that learning to be led by the Spirit in obedience results in acts of service, as well as personal blessing and walking right with the Lord. Also …[snip]… [Email slightly edited and used with permission.]

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