Full Repentance Is Needed

July 24, 2013

It looks like I am not the person to help you, for I am not going to allow you to keep trying to obligate me to join you in your feelings of self-pity, which is what you’ve been engaging in most of your life. The tragedies you’ve encountered are truly unfortunate, but they are the types of typical fall-outs that come from living a life apart from God –which was your own choice. As horrible as anyone’s former life was, the fact remains: It’s in the past. All true believers have been rescued by Christ and have been granted a new, powerful, and abundant life in Him. (John 10:10 // 1 Cor. 4:20 // 2 Cor. 5:17) Anyone who uses the past as an excuse to live in weakness, fear, doubt, negligence, or sin of any kind, including sins of the heart, mind, and attitude, insult God.

Because of living in America, where God’s Word has been amply provided, you have never had an excuse to not seek Truth and obey God’s directives. It was you yourself that chose to live in rebellion against Him, to live outside of His path and protection, to pursue the world’s foolish remedies, and to commit treason and spiritual adultery against the perfect God of Love. How wicked you have been, and yet you want me to feel sorry for you that you so trampled Jesus over and over for years and years? You come to me again and again for help and prayer, yet you have, all year, neglected to read or heed my daily counsels at my blog, as well as neglected to diligently and faithfully seek God’s counsel in His available Word and put it into constant practice.

You claim to be living up to the light you know and so are therefore walking in purity. How typical this claim is for masses of people as they march on in deception –right into Hell. This false refuge is what they rely on, even as they willfully neglect to seek the Lord, His ways, and the Truth in His Word. Moreover, whatever sacrifices they make are not solely for God’s blessing, but are, for the most part, attempts to get Him to bless them.

Your lack of discernment concerning your continuation in sin comes from a life careless with sinfulness, and this comes from a heart that is not clean. It is your heart that is the problem. It is full of self-centeredness, pride, and the world’s philosophies. Your questions about emotions can easily be answered by anyone who is reading God’s Word under the tutelage of the Counselor –the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things (John 16:13 // 1 John 2:26,27)– and whose counsel you have not prioritized. I would strongly suggest that you stop playing games, stop making excuses, stop justifying yourself, and stop crying out to God from a heart full of worldly sorrow (Ho. 7:14 // 2 Cor. 7:10) –sorrowing for yourself– and instead kneel before God in true, complete, and humble repentance, wailing over all that you, yourself, have done, and continue to do, against God and others. (Luke 18:9-14 // Ja. 4:7-10) Then, once cleansed, you need to get up in grateful joy, waste no more time, and train yourself, under the control of the Spirit, to become perfectly conformed to Christ-likeness. (Rom. 8:9,29 // 1 Tim. 4:7 // 1 John 2:6)

If you truly had repented you would not be nursing a cynical, insensitive, angry, and fearful heart. You would be joyful and grateful, kind and thoughtful, and be rejoicing in God’s love and forgiveness. Anyone who has entertained thoughts that God is not able to love the worst of sinners, especially if they’ve called out to Him in repentance, or has entertained other negative thoughts and attitudes, or has not believed in Christ’s provision of freedom from sin, has thereby entertained evil beliefs that God is a liar. Doubts about God’s power and goodness is to doubt God’s integrity and to show contempt toward God. This must be fully repented of.

If you have signed up to serve Christ as you say you have, this can be likened to signing up to be an Olympian. Thus for you to keep asking for prayer and advice, yet to also say, in essence, that I must be easy on you and watch out for your tender feelings, is to try to intimidate me from trying to get you to evaluate yourself truthfully. It’s like saying to a coach training Olympians, “Please tread carefully with my feelings.” Quite audacious, to say the least, for feelings have so little to do with the importance of the training, that, unless there’s an emergency, they shouldn’t even be mentioned. Should the potential for “hurt feelings” block a doctor from telling his cancer patient the truth? Should we, before evangelizing to unbelievers, first ask them if their feelings can handle the fact that we’re about to tell them that unless they repent they will go to Hell?

Learning to serve God in power and Truth is not for those who want to be babied or to only half-heartedly train. Especially after a year or more of having signed up. And especially when you consider yourself a preacher of repentance. Teachers and preachers will be judged more strictly (Ja. 3:1), for through their lives and doctrine many souls hang in the balance. (1 Tim. 4:16)

I would ask that you not write or call me for at least two weeks. Think on what I’ve said, go directly to God and His Word every day, and ask Him to help you fully repent and cleanse your heart so that you can think His thoughts. And read as many of my posts as you can, particularly on obedience, for much of what you need to hear I have already taken valuable time and effort to explain.

I will be praying for you.

with love,

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