Training To Be Whitewashed Tombs

July 6, 2013

Reading Israeliteindeed’s new post last night left me stunned. It is such an accurate and well-written portrayal of our nation and the church’s character that most of what I was feeling was just plain horror. She says, “They think their freshly whitewashed tomb is the new life He promised, and they learn to defend their ‘positional righteousness’ with Pharisaical fervor.” How true of those types which Jesus Himself also described as those who birth sons of hell that are double the potency! (Matt. 23:15)

So, because most of the church is in the business of training hypocrites, where are the parents? Oh, most of them, as well, have thrown off the yoke of responsibility. Instead of teaching their children to fear, reverence, and serve God, they just keep pursuing their own worldly agendas and blame everyone but themselves for the shallow or nonexistent faith of their offspring. As Israeliteindeed so aptly and stingingly states, “But don’t worry–just keep complaining about how they aren’t allowed to pray in school. God will understand that you did everything you could.” Uh-huh, everything…

My spirit bears witness that this post comes straight from the heart and mouth of the Most High. The message needs to be read and sent to everyone. Here is the link:

As is stated there, “Beloved, we cannot afford to prefer lies over the truth, when truth is the only cure for people in bondage to lies.”

with love,

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