The Blueberry Worker’s Soul

June 25, 2013

I happened to call the blueberry farm yesterday morning to inquire about their crop, for we enjoy picking blueberries there every summer. I was shocked and greatly saddened to hear that one of the workers who I asked about had died of a sudden heart attack. After getting off the phone, I wept and wept, actually surprising myself at my great grief.

About five summers ago, and visiting the farm about three times that year, I witnessed quite a bit to this particular worker. He was kind of a jokester, but he did listen and he did tell me that he believed the Bible, though it was obvious his was one of those flippant and half-hearted beliefs. The following two summers when we went there I encouraged him again to be reading the Word and to be seeking God, but he seemed a bit less interested than that first year I’d met him, so I tried not to come on too strong.

Last summer I brought up the Lord again, and after his response I remember thinking something like, “Rachel, he’s not interested, so just drop it and be friendly with some other conversation.” But I also had had the thought, “If he dies in this attitude he has, he is not going to be going to Heaven.” However, since I thought I’d have more time to pray for his soul (which I did quite a bit), as well as time to witness to him again, I didn’t say much more about the Lord then. So, I guess in my weeping yesterday, it wasn’t as much the sadness that this guy had died, but that I was feeling grief over his soul, as well as that I had not tried harder to turn him to the Lord (though my exhortations to him, I remember, had almost been pleas).

Was there anything more I could’ve done with someone who wouldn’t take my admonishments seriously and kept making jokes instead? There really wasn’t, at least not without being rude, except I certainly could’ve prayed more, and I so much wish I had.

Where is this acquaintance of mine now? Where is his soul? His soul is in eternity, that dimension that is outside of the time dimension. His soul is where there is no longer time to “repent, reconcile with God [by way of Christ Jesus], and prove one’s repentance by one’s deeds.” (See Acts 26:20) For “it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the Judgement.” (Heb. 9:27)

May we all witness to everyone as boldly as we can. And when that is no longer possible, may we pray fervently on behalf of unsaved souls, and even fast and weep before the Lord for them. And may we do so before their fate is sealed in eternity.

with love,

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