Pilgrimage To Salvation

June 21, 2013

A representative account of many saints’ pilgrimages:

The Lord asked, “Who will go for us?” I said, “I will.” So God sent me and I went, but I did not know where I was going. The path opened up before me only one step at a time. In fact, much of the time I couldn’t see at all. I could only hear the Spirit’s voice saying, “Walk here.” Terror wanted to engulf me. Often. But through God’s Word I learned how to resist it, even defeat it, and soon I was walking in constant tranquility and joyful expectation.

Each day surprises of delight were given to me. Each day my food and water were supplied. Most days I was privileged to see another mountain crumble as I advanced, those enemy mountains, those mountains that rose up to hinder the progress and my advancement into God’s will, into God’s ministries, and into the conformity of Christ, in which I still am growing.

God was near. God listened to me. Because I listened to Him. He rewarded me. He also disciplined me. I begged to become blameless so that I wouldn’t have to endure His righteous rebukes of indignation. I worked hard to please Him because I dearly loved Him, and always will. I worked by His Spirit in me. Because He is so compassionate, He Himself was my Teacher. His exhortations are now exceedingly gentle. Because He knows my heart is wholly His. He’s my Father, my Shepherd, my Friend. And though He’s the King of kings, the Eternal God, I, even I, am His servant, His child, and His friend. Joy unspeakable rises within me from the knowledge of this.

Did I have to renounce all? Yes. All sin and all Isaacs. All that I loved. All that threatened to remain as idols. All that threatened to pull my heart to other treasures. Treasures of the world. Treasures that would bring only shame and despair in the end. I gave them up steadily, one by one. My heart was torn each time. But the Healing Balm came in to soothe, to comfort, to give hope. Some Isaacs God returned to me. Better, brighter, and no longer an idol to me. Others He replaced. Others were just as well left slain.

Later, much later, the Lord showed me how far I’d come. I noticed one place –a very high and narrow path with sheer cliffs on both sides, and jagged rocks below; and I realized that the time I’d walked there, I’d not been able to see a thing. I realized that God had enveloped me in dense fog precisely because of His mercy. Because the potential danger would have been too frightening, too immobilizing.

Now where am I? It doesn’t matter where in the world, where in my life. For I have found the secret of contentment. It is Him. It is being in Him, surrounded by Him, and filled with His Spirit. This is called privilege, union, happiness, and relationship. In short, it’s called Salvation.

with love,

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