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June 18, 2013

My brother and his wife who met at our high school in the Philippines their senior year had their 30 year reunion this last weekend. Other classes were invited too, so being they had it here in Texas, my husband and I attended one evening of it. (See first photo.) My class graduated two years before them, and ours too had had our 30 year reunion here in 2011. (See photos 6 & 7 from then.)

I actually had my last two years in Hawaii, which is where I met my husband, but I consider my Faith Academy class my graduating class (though Hawaii was tons of fun too, especially the beaches), and yes, I was always out there in the waves with the guys, not sunbathing on the sand with the girls. No, I didn’t surf with a board, but my husband and brother were surfing buddies. (See the last photo, which is my husband with another surfing buddy. My husband is the one in the blue shorts; he is not the one holding the fins.) He and I met when I was 16 and he was 17, and though we didn’t date each other until years later (we married in 1987), we were like best friends. He also had lived in the Philippines and being he played soccer, his team had competed against our team; but no, we didn’t know each other until the first day of class in Hawaii.

The fifth photo is of six of us who went to grade school together at Nasuli in the southern Philippines. One of them, Kathy Taber, is the one standing with me in the second photo. She and I were in the same dorm my second year at Faith, and when she and her husband married, they became missionaries. He became an administrator and so she was the one who translated the New Testament into two languages in two different countries. She wrote a book a few years ago for supporters so they could read about all the awesome ways God took care of them and helped them minister. Her book is excellent and very exciting, and it can be purchased by clicking here:









I continue to praise God along with others for how good the Lord is to us, for having privileged us to share in ministry overseas alongside our parents, for all the marvelous miracles He has done for us along life’s journey, and for all the excitingly fun things He’s blessed us with as well. Life is challenging, but God is good, and He has always been there for those who continually serve Him and call out to Him for counsel and help.

with love,

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