Always Honor Your Dad

June 17, 2013

Today someone was telling me that yesterday, in the church they visited, there was a sermon given, via video, that was a reprimand to fathers. Moreover, not one verse of Scripture was used. I just shake my head and puzzle over why people even bother going to church. The pastor is often away, a video is supposed to take his place, and God’s Word isn’t even being read, used, and honored. How impersonal, how stale, how wrong, how counterfeit. No wonder there’s no power. The power of the Spirit comes through hearing and believing God’s Word (Rom. 1:16 & 10:17 // 1 Cor. 1:17,18 & 2:4,5) and encouraging one another in ways to put it into practice (Heb. 10:24), not through feel-good (or feel-bad) sermons void of these!

Aside from that horrible reality in so many churches, I’ll confess that my post yesterday was also basically a veiled, or not so veiled, rebuke to fathers. True, Father’s Day is a day to honor fathers. Then why is our first thought that it be a day to reprimand them or exhort them? The reason is obvious to us all. It’s that fathers, appointed by God to be Christ-like leaders of their families (Eph. 5:15-6:4), are not only not leading as Christ would, but they aren’t even trying. They aren’t even taking the steps necessary, namely to renounce sin, read God’s instructions daily, and humbly walk in what is commanded there.

Okay. But are all fathers falling short? No. I speak in generalities. For some are great fathers (like mine). However, if we lined up twenty-five dads, how many could be chosen, by God’s standards, as honorable? One? Maybe two? I believe it’d be no more than that.

Yes, it is sad that Father’s Day seems to often be a day that reminds everyone of how grievous many dads have behaved, rather than how honorable. For isn’t honor something that must be earned? Well, earned or not, God’s Word does tell us to honor our parents and it does not say, “Honor only good parents.” Therefore, may we all make the choice to honor our dads, respect them, pray fervently for God to bless them with the knowledge of His ways, and to be Christ-like to them –not only on Father’s Day, but throughout the year and on.

with love,

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