The Healing From Religion

June 12, 2013

Certainly anyone who is full of the Spirit of the Lord sees that within most of the church culture there are not only glaring problems, but also impotent and damning doctrines. It’s really a mess, in fact. Leaders are scrambling to keep their positions of power, are spending great effort to keep lording it over others, and are often too busy with churchy things to actually be advancing in their own relationship with the Lord and the knowledge of His ways. So much of what is being taught is just the regurgitation of men’s words, traditions, and doctrines. And there lies the root of the problems. For the teachings are not coming from the Spirit, who brings the power, the comfort, the conviction, the Truth, but from teachings that are half-truths, or out-right falsehoods, and thus cannot bring real change or healing.

When that which poses to be a refuge is found to instead be a place of abuse, it can be devastating. When it’s the church, some people will throw God out along with their departure from the religious system. Others will live the rest of their lives distrusting anyone who tries to help them. Others just stay in the organization, feeling too caught or confused to know how to walk away.

Where is the healing for those who have been trampled by the religion of men? The only healing for that, as with any hurt, is God’s Word. No other (except Christ’s representatives who use God’s Word by the Spirit ONLY!), can help a mauled, mangled person. And being such representatives are hard to come by, God’s Word is what we must hold up as the only Healing for the world.

Israeliteindeed has written another exceptional poem, and it’s about the sadness the church creates for those who go to her for Truth and godly fellowship, but find everything but that. Click here:

It does make one weep. Not merely for ourselves, but for all who will perish in Hell because of the wiles and the deficiencies of the false church.

with love,

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