The Unscriptural Statement: “We are saved by faith alone.”

June 4, 2013

“We are saved by faith alone.” This is the repeated mantra of those who adhere to a saved-to-safely-sin-Christianity. The book of James, not to mention the other inspired Scriptures, including Jesus’ teachings, make it clear that this statement cannot mean what the counterfeit gospel says it means. They say it means belief in who Jesus is and a trust in His atonement to cover their past sins, as well as a trust in Christ’s atonement to cover their continuation in sin. They have the first part right, but not the last part.

For “Christians” to continue to walk the path of sin, or to periodically get off the path of righteousness to indulge in sin –means what? It means that they are either deliberately disobeying Christ, or, they are neglecting to make the effort necessary to hear Christ’s voice of instruction both in the Word and through the Spirit. If their continuation in sin is not due to either of these reasons, then it is due to a lack of faith. A lack of faith is a lack of trust in Christ. A lack of trust in Christ is a shameful thing for anyone who has made a pledge to Christ to trust Him fully. God will not deal gently with anyone who continues in such shameful mistrust. (Heb. 10:38,39)

What is faith? Faith is belief and trust. It is to believe strongly and wholeheartedly and to confidently trust the person or the creed one claims to be following. It is to adhere to what is believed in. It is to put into practice one’s beliefs. It is to hold to the laws and instructions of the person or creed one is trusting in. Simply put, it is to obey the person or creed one has placed one’s trust in.

If people would use the word “faith” correctly, then we could tolerate the “saved by faith alone” statements they make, though they themselves know that we are saved by so much more than that –such as by God’s grace, by Jesus’ blood, by His sinlessness, by the Word, by being born again, by being in-dwelt by the Spirit, etc. It’d be a tolerable statement, though still not a very good statement, especially since it can be so misleading to those who do not know the true definition of faith.

Why doesn’t Christianity adopt a new mantra that says, “We are saved by holding to Christ’s teachings.” –? This would be an all-encompassing and accurate statement. For as we read in John 8:31, “To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, ‘If you hold to My teaching, you are really My disciples.'” Or as my Interlinear Greek-English says, “Said therefore Jesus to the having believed Him Jews, ‘If you continue in the word, My truly disciples of Me you are.'” It is only by continuing to adhere to (follow, trust, and obey) Christ’s teachings and commands that we are saved.

“Oh, John 8:31 is for a different class of Christians,” many insist. “We don’t all have to be disciples to be saved.” To people like this, and there are many, we will have to accept that they have chosen to be belligerent against the Truth. A disciple means a follower, a devotee, a learner, an advocate. Therefore, if someone is not a disciple, then he is not walking the path of Christ who is the Way (John 14:6), and he is not “remaining in the Vine” (see John 15:1-10) who is Jesus Christ the Eternal Life. (1 John 5:20)

The statement “We are saved by faith alone” needs to stop being said.

with love,

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