Fed So As To Go & Equip Others

May 26, 2013

When God gives each of us spiritual gifts and callings, it is for the purpose of being a blessing to Him and others. This is to be accomplished by using our abilities to better worship the Lord, learn more about Him, become mature, and build up the body of Christ so that they, in turn, might also achieve these. By using our gifts and callings to serve God and others, we each are to devote ourselves to preparing God’s people for service and ministry. (Eph. 4:11-13; see also Rom. 12:4-8 and 1 Cor. ch. 12)

Regrettably, the church often seems to forget their purpose, and they certainly often forget that each member has that same purpose. Instead of encouraging church attendance in order to be equipped with the necessary knowledge of Christ and His Word and the necessary training and experience of preparing others, church attendance is often encouraged in order to merely complete one’s weekly duty, to help fill up the pews, to be made to feel good, to be entertained, or to take in yet more spiritual food. The last reason is a worthy motivation, but not when there is no further purpose; for when we are fed, we must go on to feed others.

One family who is feeding others is my sister’s family. Besides serving full-time in their church and community, they have periodically visited the Hadza people in Africa to feed them both physically and spiritually. I was excited to read an article, about their latest trip, in a newspaper that just came out last week. That trip is described on pages 11 & 12 after clicking this link:


Also, here is the link where Violet and her group wrote about –and showed photos– of their experiences:


There is a whole world out there still waiting to have people who love and know Jesus come and equip them to also learn how to bless God and humanity. Who will go? Who will use their gifts and callings? Who will pay attention to the need and leave the perpetual huddle?

with love,

P.S. Here are some more photos of Violet’s trip this last February:

One of the messages Ashley & Violet put in the gift bags to the Hadza children.

Violet stirring the interest of the elephants.

Violet, at the orphanage, holding a girl who was left for dead as an infant.

Violet watching a Hadza woman pound corn.

Violet investigating a crudely-made animal corral.

A Hadza home. Many homes look like haystacks, as can be seen at Violet’s blogspot.

Andrea, Hadza women, & Violet (who is still sleeping)

Hadza child with balloon

Hadza, having gathered wood

Beautiful Hadza children

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