God Mercifully Intervenes

May 17, 2013

I received some news a few hours ago that gave me cause to thank the Lord with tears of relief and joy. A missionary couple who are close friends with my parents have been enduring a time of great difficulty. The wife had to have sensitive surgery behind her ear to remove a cancerous tumor, but because any more invasion would be too dangerous, they could not remove the margins. Therefore, the next step is to have proton therapy. However, the insurance was being disagreeable about covering it. Therapy had been lined up with MD Anderson in Houston, but on Wednesday, the day before they were to go down there, the insurance flatly denied coverage. The husband sent out an email thanking everyone who was praying and asking for continued prayer. He sounded so low, like he was in the despair of his life. It was heart-wrenching. I’d been praying all month, but after reading the email, I called out to the Lord fervently, as I’m sure many others did, and continued to do so.

Here is what he wrote at the end of his email on Wednesday:

~~Wycliffe’s founder, Cameron Townsend, once wrote to someone: “Trust Him when dark doubts assail you, Trust Him when your strength is small, Trust Him when to simply trust Him seems the hardest thing of all.” For many weeks our faith has been tested sorely, yet we continue to trust Him simply because He is God.

Thanking you for your prayerful help on this incredibly difficult journey…~~

But praise be to the Lord! Now, just two days later, we have received news that the insurance company has changed their minds and given the go-ahead for the very necessary proton therapy! Of course there is still a long furrow to hoe, but God is so good to intervene and to encourage His people, reminding us that He is able, that He is listening and answering, and that He walks beside us even –and especially– in times of severe testing and frightening trials. And that He does come to the aid of those who call out to Him to help them and rescue them. Truly God upholds His Word: “To You they cried and were rescued; in You they trusted and were not disappointed.” (Ps. 22:5)

We praise God that He, in His compassion, wisdom, and purposes, does answer prayer. We exalt Him and continue to present our requests before Him, waiting in trusting expectation for Him to act on behalf of His people. (Ps. 5:3 & 28:6,7)

with love,

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