Rewards Of Rejoicing, Bounty, & Rest

May 13, 2013

It is remarkable how israeliteindeed always seems to post something the Lord gives her that is similar to what He is speaking to me that very day. This morning while meditating on God’s Word, the Lord kept showing me verses about joy coming, the sorrow ending, the reward awarded, the chaos and confusion eradicated, the discipline and suffering finished.

Those of us who continue to shun wickedness, those of us who survive the onslaughts of the enemy, those of us who refuse to let go of our trust in the only One who can save, will be given favor and rest (Jer. 31:2), will be given comfort and joy, the Lord’s bounty, and reason to sing. (v. 1-14) This is not a promise for Israel only, but for all who return from the enemy’s land (v. 16,17), come into covenant with the Lord God Almighty (v. 31-34), and walk in repentance (v. 18,19), forgiveness of sin (v. 34), the knowledge of God (same verse), and in the Lord’s compassion (v. 20), refreshment (v. 25), and blessing. (v. 23)

Truly, our God is good to us! And how wonderful are His promises to those who believe Him –as israeliteindeed has so aptly expressed here:

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Hope Unassailable

by israeliteindeed

The following poem was inspired by the precious words written in 2 Corinthians 4:7-5:4. I thank my God that the veil of blindness has been lifted from my eyes in Jesus Christ. I do not have to fear death, whether death comes naturally or by accident, by the ravages of some disease or malnutrition, or by the violence of persecution. The Lord Jesus Christ has overcome death, and will overcome it finally in the last Day. As He has called me out of my spiritual grave and made me to walk in newness of life, He will call me from

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