Faithful In The Lord’s Fields

May 11, 2013

It was such a blessing to be at a get-together last night with many people who lived in the Philippines at the same time our family did. Before a time of just eating and talking, we sang the hymn “We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations” and had several reports from those who are still carrying on work in their mountain villages. This work includes Scripture translation, Bible distribution, discipleship training, medical work, and other ministries. It was beautiful to hear the stories of individuals who, though they used to be for so many years enslaved to evil spirits and customs (such as revenge killing, head-hunting, and sacrificing animals to appease ghosts), finally came to believe the Gospel and have been living gloriously transformed lives, even serving the Lord as pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to other tribal groups. Several times it was difficult for me to hold back happy tears.

The Gospel truly does transform. The Word of God truly does penetrate hearts that are willing to hear the Truth. If only more people would get involved. If only those who claim to know Christ would speak up at every opportunity. Every person we talk to about the Truth of God is not only a potential believer in Christ, but is also a potential evangelist, pastor, Bible teacher, or missionary. Each person who hears the Gospel That Transforms is one who may become a mighty servant in the Kingdom of God, a bold broadcaster of The Gospel That Brings Freedom. We can’t judge by looks. The strangest, most odd-seeming little person can become the catalyst for the mightiest revival in decades.

It was wonderful and absolutely encouraging to hear the reports of transformed lives as well as hear about the amazing ways God so often answered villagers’ prayers given in child-like faith. It was precious.

And of course it was great to once again see so many of my “aunts” and “uncles” who have faithfully continued to labor in the fields of the Lord. Certainly, Rom. 10:15 is applicable: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

But, how can people in remote places develop faith, believe, repent, and come out from their bondages if those who claim to know the Truth will not obey Christ’s Great Commission and bring them the Word of Christ? (Matt. 28:18-20 // Rom. 10:13-17)

with love,

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