Happy Women’s Day Will Be When The Abuse Ends

May 10, 2013

Many, even in the USA, are preaching that women are inferior to men, especially when it comes to being able to teach God’s Word. Women, they say, can only teach other women, or children, and their place is to attend to the home. Well, what about women who are not married or who don’t have children? What about women who are filled with the Spirit of the Lord and have been commissioned by Him to speak His Word out boldly? I suppose we are to say, “Men, close your ears, for it’s not biblical for me to teach you anything about God’s Word. I can teach you Math or Science or Economics, but not God’s Word.”

Please, Church, come out of the Dark Ages. Come off your thrones, Pulpit Men. Come to the Fountain where we all drink. Listen to Him. Quit listening to your own cravings for power. Quit listening to the teachings of other chauvinists who are emboldening you. Quit following the traditions of men. Quit perpetuating the terrible condescension of women, the demeaning words and attitudes toward them, the abuse that gains strength through your twistings of the Word of God.

I know what it’s like to try to help a woman pry her mind free of false teachings concerning her worth, abilities, and rights. It takes years, if ever, for often the woman cannot muster up the determination to wrench herself free. Forever she remains captive to her captor and the others who support oppression. It is heart-breaking. Yet the pulpit men continue their misogynous rantings, calloused to the devastation they’re inflicting upon homes and hearts and lives.

Let’s get educated and spread the truth about the abuse toward women that is happening, and being empowered, within “Christian” homes and churches. Here is an excellent article I found and read last night:


Here is another article:


And here is one with some statistics to read on page 3:


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, may we all look for ways to honor the women in our lives, including ourselves (if we are a woman), by seeking bold ways to put an end to the abuse.

with love,

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