Reflections In The Graveyard

May 6, 2013

My brother, our parents, and I went to the graveside service this morning for our “uncle” who I wrote about two days ago. It was very nice, perfect weather, an atmosphere of complete peace, and a time to see people, some of whom we’d not seen for years. I kept thinking about how much I hope and pray that when my body goes into the ground it will be like a wedding for everyone else, because I know it will be for me. I’ll be with my Best Friend! And with no more obstacles to plow through daily! No more pain in my body, no more heartaches, no more tears, no more effort, no more sadness at seeing people reject Jesus, no more of anything wretched! How beautiful that Day will be for me! And I want it to be for everyone, even for those I’m leaving behind who love me and will miss me. May everyone have reason to feel this way about their transition from this temporal life to eternity.

I’ve always longed to go to be with the Lord where I’ll see Him face to face. But it’s okay to hang out here on earth too, because even here I’m already walking with Him in intimate fellowship. I’ve grown to know the Lord well and I take great joy in serving Him and working to further His Kingdom. This can be the case for all who accept this relationship by faith. On earth we can (and must) grow to know God well. We can commune with Him constantly, given, of course, that we walk in Him, meaning, in true and actual righteousness.

While meandering back to the car, commenting on a few gravestones, and talking about life and death, my brother said, “One hundred years from now no one is going to remember us, but it is our actions that can change the world.” How true. And to think that the change can be caused by even one event, one command, or one short word like “yes” or “no”.

Our lives matter. And not just our teachings, our exhortations, our encouragements, our prayers, and our service, but our everyday lives that match what we preach. Yes, our every day and minute thoughts, attitudes, tone, words, prayers, and actions can change our lives, others’ lives, and the world. I know my brother, who works continuously for our King, is determined to do exactly that, and to do so in order that multitudes, who wouldn’t otherwise, will have fruitful lives themselves and gain that eternity that is spelled E-T-E-R-N-A-L… L-I-F-E.

May we all, when our bodies are lowered into the ground, already, in Heaven’s eternity, be receiving that Great Reward which God has promised to those who lived their lives for Him.

with love,

My brother and his family, as we celebrated his birthday two weekends ago.

My brother, me, and his 3 kids

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