A Beloved Saint Has Left This Earth

May 4, 2013

Two nights ago a dear elderly missionary man passed away after being ill for over a year. It was the husband of my mom’s best friend and prayer partner. Though we’re all sad, it is an answer to prayer that the Lord took him Home to be with Him, rather than let him suffer any longer. For the past two weeks I had been greatly burdened in prayer for my “uncle” (not my real uncle, but as a term of endearment we call the older missionaries “aunt” and “uncle” if they watched us grow up), praying that the Lord would heal him or else take him to Heaven without any more suffering. So I am sad, but relieved too, for the Lord has answered our prayers.

This uncle and aunt were Bible translators in two different countries and up until the illness, they were still going back, for several months at a time, to disciple the villagers in the most dangerous of situations, where authorities are still hostile to Christianity. Even in their old age they did this, and even with harsh living conditions.

Below is the email I sent my aunt yesterday, and I post it because it reveals our love for this family and our joy in knowing that when true saints pass away, they are actually going into the presence of our Lord before Whom they will be honored and rewarded for a life well lived, a life lived pleasing to God, a life devoted to serving Christ, His Kingdom, and their fellowman. As Ps. 116:15 says, “Precious in the eyes of the LORD is the death of His godly ones.”

May the rest of us continue to think soberly about life’s brevity, and do all we can to make our eternal reward certain. (2 Peter 1:10,11)

with love,

Aunt _____,
I was so sad to hear this morning when my mom called me that Uncle _____ passed away last night. I am so grateful that my mom got to visit him and you a few days ago at the hospital. Though sad, we are glad that you and the family are probably relieved to not have to watch him suffer any longer. As you know, I was so burdened for him the last two weeks and am therefore thankful that God answered my prayer that He either heal Uncle _____ or else take him to Heaven without any more suffering. I praise the Lord for the huge reward Uncle _____ must be enjoying now for all his faithfulness and service to our Lord.

We are continuing to pray for all of you as you mourn, as you plan the memorial service, and as you adjust to life without having Uncle _____ here.

Thank you so much for all your kindness to our family, all the prayers, particularly all the times you and my mom have prayed together for me as I go witnessing at the bus stops, and for your love to me when I stayed with you at Nasuli, and to my brother when he stayed with you two years later. You and your family were such a blessing to us and have always been. K____ too was a major blessing to me when I was in the FA dorm with her one year. She was SO nice –to me and to everyone!

Our family loves your family and we will continue to pray for your comfort, blessing, and peace, especially at this time.


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