This Is Your Life

May 1, 2013

I wonder if many people think very often about the extreme brevity of life, and say, “So, this is my life. Here I am, at least halfway through it, time is speeding by, and what am I leaving behind as a legacy? What have I done to improve this earth, its environment, the lives of its inhabitants, and especially the lives of those of whom I’ve had, at one time or another, personal contact with? When I stand, after death, before the throne of the Supreme Judge, what will I have to show for my life? Will I be unashamed and excited, or will I be full of shame and terrified?”

It is sensible to take inventory often. And being we are told to examine ourselves, test all things, and hold on to what is good, right, and true, the wise person will heed the advice, evaluating himself in order to steadily improve. Moreover, he will eagerly seek out ways to be a blessing, and having made this his habit, he will do so not only to win God’s approval, but simply because it is in his born-again nature to do so.

“This Is Your Life.” Rather than looking back after it’s too late to rectify things, the wise individual will meditate soberly on those four words. The title, “This is Your Life” –hovering continuously above everyone’s life as they live it– is something to scrutinize now. Now, while there is still time to renounce sin, while there is still time to tell someone you’re sorry, while there is still time to learn to be grateful, while there is still time to work to improve and build and encourage and warn and love and speak and help and comfort… Because, very, very soon –before we know it– each life will be over. And there we’ll stand, waiting for the final evaluation of it all by the One who saw, heard, and knows all things, even things thought to have been sealed in secret. Then He, the Mighty and Holy King who repeatedly commanded adherence to His laws of purity, love, and justice, will pronounce the eternal verdict.

Therefore, may all who are wise continue to examine themselves carefully. And may all who are foolish, get wise.

with love,

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