Two Sources Explaining Calvinism’s Errors

April 30, 2013

A good book to read that explains Calvinism and exposes its falsehoods is “What Love Is This?” by Dave Hunt who founded The Berean Call newsletter. Though I don’t agree in calling Calvinists, in general, our brothers, as Dave does, and though Dave holds to a form of OSAS, I do still highly recommend the book. For it is an excellent explanation of Calvinism and why it is false.

Also, here is a good article by Steve Jones concerning Calvinism’s false assertions:

Again, I don’t agree with calling Calvinists our “brethren” (though I do believe that it is possible that a person in any cult, while being semi-ignorant of the cult’s actual beliefs, can be loving the Lord so genuinely that God, who is outside of time, does count him as His own as He helps him come to know the real Truth). One more thing, and something I may post about eventually: I do not agree with Jones that election is a mystery. But, in spite of these two differences, I found the article very informative and one I would definitely recommend.

Everyone needs to be made aware of Calvinism’s falsehoods and how it differs from what the Word of God teaches. For this counterfeit has become a giant and dangerous tsunami.

with love,

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