God Rescues The Oppressed

April 15, 2013

Last week we received some hopeful news about the Philippine province I grew up in. It looks like the efforts of those who have been fighting for the rights of the Agta, fisherfolk, and farmers against APECO, an organization which has been trying to usurp the land there, have been gaining an affect. Here is a good and interesting news video:


Ps. 103:6 says, “The LORD works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.”

Ps. 140:12 says, “I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.”

Such promises from God’s Word are certainly comforting when we watch oppressors trying to take from those who are weaker than them.

But how does God work on behalf of the poor and oppressed? He works largely by working through other people, especially those who are honorable, honest, and compassionate. He can especially work well through those who seek His voice, guidance, instructions, and will, and who, because of their knowledge of God and His Word, already have a bent to knowing what is right, righteous, and just, and who eagerly want truth, righteousness, and justice spread across the globe. Because of God’s own Spirit within these individuals, the human, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, is able to pray, intercede, praise God, speak, and act, and God thereby brings about the deliverance He desires.

However, if God can’t find people to work through, if people won’t go, won’t speak up to defend the poor, if they won’t pray, fast, and intercede, if they won’t cry out to God that He rescue the needy, then how is God supposed to secure justice for the afflicted? Sure, He can reach down from Heaven and move people around by the force of His own hand; but that is not how He has chosen to work within His creation. What He’s chosen to do is to look for a man or woman He can work through. A person who is pliable, willing to listen and follow His instructions, and eager to do what is right, kind, and courageous. He moves the person’s heart and compels that person to pray and act. When a person prays and follows any of God’s other instructions to him (such as writing, marching, lobbying, resisting, etc.), then God does move mountains. For God, who awards the plea of those who exhibit faith and compassion, does uphold the cause of those who are mistreated. God does rescue and deliver and save the abused who cry out to Him for help.

There are multitudes of promises in the Word of God, and many of them are promises about God coming to the aid of the oppressed. If we believe these promises, we are invited to walk in them and let God’s Spirit do His work through us. (Matt. 21:21,22 // John 14:12-14 // Rom. 8:9,26,27)

with love,

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