Saints, Not Sinners, Are Heirs Of Eternal Salvation

April 14, 2013

“We’re all sinners, saved by grace.”  How many times have we heard “Christians” say this?  A lot.  It is the prevalent doctrine of false christianity.  As falsehoods do in order to deceive, mislead, and thrive, this statement is a mixture of the Truth and the Lie.  For truly, sinners, which we all once were, have been bought by God through the blood of Christ, and are thus, by this mercy and grace of God, saved.  The emancipation was indeed paid for because of, and through, God’s grace.

However, once a sinner has (genuinely) believed in this gracious Gift, this Gospel, this Freedom, he will turn from the evil realm he was in, renounce it, and run to the feet of Christ, pleading for forgiveness of his own personal sins.  There he will be forgiven, cleansed, and made into a new creation.  God will give him His own Holy Spirit by which to walk worthy of the Kingdom of Light, and by which to walk worthy of his new title –that of being a “saint”.  Is a saint and a sinner congruous?  Absolutely not.  They are opposites.

Because of this, it is an oxymoron to say, “We’re all sinners, saved by grace.”  Sinners are saved by God’s grace, true, but once saved, we –now Christians– are now saints.  Therefore, it is correct for Christians to say, “We’re all saints, saved by grace.”  Anyone who is still “a sinner” is one who practices sin, lives in sin, and whose mind, heart, and lifestyle are described as sinful.  Such a person is not saved.  Yes, saints can choose to revert to sin (for we still have free choice), but as we learn to live up to our sainthood –which we do by meditating on God’s Word and putting it into practice daily– we certainly cannot be legitimately called “sinners”.  Those who do call saints “sinners” do so in order to try to weaken the calling to walk holy and to discredit God’s demand (requirement) that we do so.

If people would stop sitting under the tutelage of counterfeit gospels, and instead read God’s Word for themselves under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, they would immediately spot falsehoods and not be swayed by them, no matter how subtly the lies are presented.

with love,

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