Birthday Homage To My 102 Year Old Grandpa

April 10, 2013

I called my grandpa this morning to again wish him a happy birthday, because although he turned 102 last month, today my mom and some relatives are having a little party for him. He sounded cheery as ever and being in considerable good health for his age, he and his second wife (my grandma died at age 53) still live in the house my grandpa built and where my mom and her three siblings grew up.

Being I went to college three hours from them, I became quite close to my grandpa and his wife, and have always found them, as everyone has, to be tons of fun. It has always been a joy to talk with them about the Lord and also to hear their very interesting stories.

My grandpa has lived a life of honesty and integrity. I could relate many incidents to reveal this, but one was when he was still a young man working at the steel plant. There were some women there and one kept making it known that she wanted a fling with my grandpa, and this, even though she knew he was married. Being that he ignored her, she then bad-mouthed him, saying that he just didn’t know how to have a good time. “Oh, I know how to have a good time,” my grandpa finally told the men. “You tell her that. And also give her this note.” The note said that he would pick her up that Friday evening at 6:00.”

Well, my grandpa did pick her up and that woman had dressed for the part. But when Grandpa opened the front door of his car and she slid in, there was my grandma! My grandpa got in on his side and then said to the woman, “Oh, ____, meet my wife.” The woman choked out a hello, but was plenty quiet as they drove, while my grandma, seated between them, chatted away. However, when they came to a stop sign, guess what the woman did? Uh-huh. She opened the door and ran, high-heels and all.

Yea, my grandpa knows how to have a good time. And also how to stop sexual harassment on the job! Of course, the story of the prank became known at work, and embarrassed, all the woman could do was respond, “Didn’t I say he doesn’t know how to have a good time?” But my grandpa sure didn’t care about her opinion, and was instead greatly tickled every time he was reminded of his successful prank.

Well, Happy 102nd Birthday to Grandpa! What an admirable person he has been –in way more ways than I could tell here– and how privileged are all of us relatives!

Below are some photos –a tribute to him.

with love,

1. My grandpa and mom, 2003.

2. Grandpa and me, 2003.

3. Grandpa and me, 2001.

4. Grandpa’s wife, me, my mom, & Grandpa, at his 98th birthday, 2009.

5. My mom & her siblings & Grandpa.

6. Visiting one Christmas.

7. A newspaper clipping with Grandpa, Grandma, my mom in the middle back, & her siblings.

8. My husband with Grandpa and his wife visiting our home.

9. Grandpa riding our lawn mower by the horse stalls.

10. Grandpa letting my niece drive the mower down our driveway.

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