He Visited You To Bring You Peace, But You Refused Him

April 7, 2013

He very much enjoyed his carefree life. With little thought of God, he spent his time making money and drinking with his friends. Then one wretched day he fell headlong into a deep and murky pit. Alarmed, he cried for help, but those closest to him stopped by only momentarily, shrugged with helplessness or indifference, and left him to rot, some muttering that he’d gotten what he deserved.

The man cried out to God in his misery. The Lord sent a dove. The dove, perched on the grass above the pit, told the man of an escape route. The man groped his way toward it and tried to climb, slipping as he went. But the dove kept up the instructions and the man climbed higher.

A noisy crowd of fools came along. “Help!” the man cried out, and the fools stopped. They called down to the man and he made promises to them. They lowered down some beer, the man drank, and he was encouraged. The fools got him to make more promises. Then they lowered a rope and pulled him out. They enticed the man to follow their path and he did.

The man had a lot of fun with the fools. They supported each other in deceitful works and the ruination of others’ lives, especially of those they’d once promised to love. They laughed at their success in it, for they thought no one could see through them and that even God wasn’t noticing.

All this while, the dove which God had sent, and who had no relation to the man, nor should she have cared one bit, did care, for God’s Spirit was in her and she could not help but do what He’d commissioned her to do –which was to warn the man and intercede for him. Had God not commanded her to fly over a particular field at just the precise moment, even though it was out of her way? Had that field not been the very one where the man in the pit was calling?

The dove fasted and spent whole days praying for the man. But all he did was wax worse. The dove, by the love of the Spirit, told God that she’d give up her life if He would save the man from the fires of Hell which she, by terrifying visions in the Spirit, could see him hanging over. But the dove, always having been eager to leave earth and go to Heaven, realized that her sacrificial prayer wasn’t really that sacrificial. “Then You can break off one of my wings,” the dove told God, “if that could somehow save him from that horrible eternity!” Giving up both wings, she did consider, but she hesitated on that, for a bird with no wings would truly be a painful existence. Besides, she knew it wasn’t that broken wings could save the man, but that God, in hearing the fervency of her desire, might intervene enough to bring the salvation about.

God took her up on it. He broke the dove’s wing. Thankfully just one, and though there were months of pain, the wing healed to some degree. But did the man turn back from the path of the fools? He did not. In fact, the filth in his heart only grew ever larger. The dove left messages on his path –warnings from Scripture. But the man only hardened his heart until he was consumed with hostility and revenge toward the dove. Telling his friends to watch, he even began shooting pebbles at the dove with a slingshot. The dove finally realized that there was nothing more she could do. The man was intent on meeting Destruction, and so he would.

The dove is a happy dove, for she takes great joy in her God and in the many exciting tasks He has assigned her to. But this one Assignment, this one God told her about 30 years before it presented itself, has appeared to have failed. And though the dove knows her prayers are all remembered by God, and that God is still working because of them, she weeps, because the disaster and distress the man could have avoided, is now certain to come. For now it is only through his calamity that the man’s eyes and ears and heart can be opened to the only Savior there is. Because of his choices, because of his hard-packed stubborn heart, responding to God through the flood of his disaster is now his only hope for avoiding Eternal Hell.

So, “As Jesus approached and saw the city, He wept over it, saying, ‘If only you had known in this day what would bring you peace –but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and surround you and hem you in on every side. They will level you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, and all because you did not recognize the time you were divinely visited.” (Luke 19:41-44)

with love,

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