The Mighty Tower Teeters

April 4, 2013

It has already begun –the destruction of the tower who has boasted, the tower which has advanced by alliances not of the Lord. Yet its mighty men continue to exalt themselves. They continue to disregard the clear warnings of danger, the obvious judgements, given out by God in His mercy, exhorting them to refrain from their madness. Yet on they rush in their construction, their main intent being that of building names for themselves.

Do these arrogant ones care about the lives they plow across? Do they feel any remorse for their trampling, for the devastation and anguish they’ve caused? No. Their faces testify against them, yet they feel no shame. On they charge, and flattering each other to their own advantage, they close their ears to the cries of injustice.

“Therefore this is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘See, I will refine and test them, for what else can I do because of the sin of My people? Their tongue is a deadly arrow; it speaks with deceit. With his mouth each speaks cordially to his neighbor, but in his heart he sets a trap for him. Should I not punish them for this?’ declares the LORD. ‘Should I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this?'” (Jer. 9:7-9)

The Lord will indeed avenge Himself. He will, with certainty, lay low the wicked and those whose hearts are unwilling to repent of the pride harbored there. For in spite of the many corrections God has given, in spite of the conscience He has put within every spirit, the men of the tower still obstinately refuse to turn from their spiritual adulteries and greed, their trust in false gods, their lustful neighings, and their clamor to lord it over their own fellow workers. (Jer. 13:25,27 // Luke 22:24-26) Calling for funds of benevolence, these deceivers siphon huge amounts of money into their own homes. Yet even while making a pretense for charity, these same men take for themselves already oppressed peasant girls, use them as they want, and then toss them aside with no sorrow for having shattered anyone’s heart. Their vile hypocrisy has become a tower in itself!

So what will the Lord do to this great monster lying among its streams? (Ezek. 29:3) He will crush its allies and devastate its proud strength. (30:6,8) It will be hurled down and made a spectacle of before many people (28:17-19) until the men of this tower admit their guilt, repent, earnestly seek the Lord (Ho. 5:15), and pay back four-fold. (Luke 19:8) For instead of administering justice and upholding the truth, these insolent men, in their craving for power and control, have shot down innocent people, have refused to make amends, and have shown no concern whatsoever. Truly, the gods of these men are their own selves, their own stomachs, and their own desires. God will therefore, without pity, smash their idolatrous tower to pieces. (Isa. 2:12-18 // Jer. 13:14 & 46:21-23)

But, the weak, the innocent, the downcast –those whom the “mighty rulers” slandered, mocked, trampled, and devastated– those people will go free. For the Lord, who is a God of justice, has been watching and does have a day in store.

with love,

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