By His Spirit

March 27, 2013

Yesterday I was able to drive my mom downtown to the train stop so that she could hand out her gorgeous treat bags she’d worked hard on all month with the message of Christ’s cross and resurrection. As always, we had tons of precious responses, as well as wonderful conversations with opportunities to pray with, encourage, and exhort many. I had made two new signs and 3 new tracts that I thought may cause some negative reactions, but no one was negative, and many were positive with gratefulness and openness, and even with excitement.

I would love to tell about all our encounters, but it’d take too long. I will mention one guy, though, in hopes that some of my readers will pray for him. He is a transvestite who I’ve talked with, hugged each time I’ve seen him, and tried to show God’s love to. Yesterday he was wearing a huge blonde curly wig (he’s a young black guy about 25 years old), tons of make-up, high heels, and the most ridiculous leopard outfit. He looked like a nut and others were even mocking him. I gave him an extra gift –a bookmark, for his Bible, I said, and read to him the verse on it as he looked at it with me. The verse was Zech. 4:6: “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.” I explained to him that the Lord is telling us that by human power we cannot overcome sin and the evil realm, but that by His Spirit we can. My friend said, “Ohhhhh, yes!” and I knew he was very high on some kind of drug right then, and his friends were calling him after them, so I reminded him to read God’s Word and I said good-bye.

I tell of that one incident, but there are always numerous people who approach us who are almost begging to have us help them be delivered from whatever addiction or oppression is holding them captive. It is SO heart-breaking how the devil has people bound! –Even while the Savior is available! If only they’d have their spiritual blinders removed! Indeed, how skillfully and deceptively the demons lure people by promises of wealth, happiness, pleasure, and ease; yet all that soon happens, is that the sinner finds himself entangled in a horrible net. One girl, after we prayed for her, and after saying good-bye, turned back, and with tears in her eyes, mouthed the words, “Pray for me.” I said, “We will,” and my mom and I have several times since. Then she blew me a kiss like she was saying, “I love you like you’re an angel.” With tears in my eyes, I blew her a kiss back, like I was saying, “Please remember our encouragements to you. Please let us see you in Heaven.”

People do often tell my mom and I that we are like angels to them. Yet we know it’s not us, but Christ in us they mean. For when any Spirit-filled person steps out to share Jesus with people, His Spirit does shine out to others, and the Lord, who is wooing people to Himself, uses us to start peeling off spiritual blinders. Isn’t it incredible that the God who is all-powerful chooses to use us weaklings to accomplish His work?! Unbelievable! Yet what a privileged and thrilling adventure it is to participate in! Truly, everything we do in His will is not by our skill or strength, but by His!

May all God’s people, therefore, fill themselves up with His Word so that they can be filled up with His Spirit. And may we walk obedient to His every instruction, doing so with rejoicing, with boldness, and with gentle, compassionate, faith-in-God’s-miracles love.

with love,

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