Praise Song To The Triune God

March 17, 2013

Thinking about our God who is Three-in-one –Father, Son, and Holy Spirit– and thinking about how I used to teach my public-school students about St. Patrick’s Day, overjoyed to take the opportunity to use the Shamrock to tell them about Christianity’s message about the Triune God, and now contemplating about what to write for my post, I decided to share one of the praise songs God gave me today and had me singing in the Spirit to Him a bit ago.

Some of the verses I had in the back of my mind while singing were Gen. 15:1 (God, our Reward), 2 Cor. 5:17-21 (God reconciling the world to Himself through Christ, the sinless man, so that we can be new creations in Him), 1 Cor. 2:6-10 & Eph. 3:7-12 & Col. 2:2,3,13-15 (the incredibly wonderful mystery of how God bought us back from the evil kingdom), and Rom. 6 & 8 (freedom, because of the power and leadership of the Spirit in us).

Here is that song of praise:

Holy, holy God,
My Savior, my peace,
My joy, my comforter and rest, You are.

Thank you,
Thank you, O God, for giving me,
All Your love and bounty.

May my exaltation to You
Please You.
May my love and adoration
Bring You delight.

My Father, my Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Jesus,
The God-man,
Blameless, sinless, pure.

For no one else
Could save us.
No one else could do it.
It had to be a perfect human.
Yet none was found thus able.

So, Lord, You came Yourself.
You died upon the cross to free us.
You rose and broke the curse,
It is the mystery
That Satan did not realize
Could and would be done.

And now, Lord,
You’ve invited us,
To partake of this mystery.
This cleansing, and forgiveness,
This power, this blessing.

Thank you! Thank you!
I invite Your Spirit in.
So I am made pure and holy,
Just like You,
And free of sin.

More than that
I am made powerful.
In You, I stay victorious,
Over sin, over the enemy,
Over death, and Hell itself.

This is the blessing.
This is the Great Reward.
It is God’s and Christ’s own Spirit
To dwell within
And make us new,
New creations,
That serve You.

Thank you! Thank you!
Lord, my King,
You are so good!
You, You are why I give You
All my heart,
And all my praise.

with love,

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