Beautiful Day & Fantastic Fellowship

March 15, 2013

A few days ago (Tuesday, to be exact), I spent the day with one of my very good friends, her daughter, and some others from their church at the resort cabin her family rents. It was a beautiful place to spend an exceptionally gorgeous day, and besides the fact that I totally enjoy being with this friend who I’ve known since 2004 –because we love to talk about the Lord together and pray together, and because I’ve been able to have a share in watching her daughter grow up– I also was able to meet some others (who she’d invited) who were a major blessing! (See photos below.)

It was so wonderful to converse with every one of these individuals (there were 5 of us women & 3 girls) for the simple reason that they all very much love the Lord and had great testimonies to share. I especially was touched by what the mother (with her two young daughters with her) shared, as they have had so many answers to prayer, one being that Raychel (the oldest daughter) was healed of lymphoma (cancer) by praying Psalm 91 every night. The doctors were amazed and had to give God the glory, as Raychel hadn’t even started chemo yet, nor did she have any operation done. The mother said her girls’ faith is great, and when I asked them each what their life plans are, Raychel said she plans to be a missionary, and the younger sister said she plans to be a preacher! How fantastic is that?!

The others had exciting things too to tell about their spiritual walk with the Lord. One woman told me about the evangelism / discipleship conference she’d just been at, and also about her next up-coming mission trip overseas. Another told me about several hardships she’d gone through in her life and how a neighbor had helped her come out of Catholicism and begin her search for Truth. She told me about her conversion, and then she told me that several years later she was baptized in the Holy Spirit, that baptism being probably her most momentous and pivotal experience ever. She told me that she constantly relies on the Spirit to lead her and teach her.

It all was fantastic. –To see into the hearts of several others of God’s servants, to hear of them going forth to the nations, and to hear people giving God the credit and praise for His compassionate and patient care. Truly, the fellowship, and the beautiful Spring day, and the nature trek we went on, and the laughter… it all was just great. The Lord certainly keeps giving me one blessing after another. I join the others in thanking Him and proclaiming that He is such an incredible, caring, loving God! May everyone seek Him and find this out for themselves! Yes, for we who know Him want to share Him with everyone!

with love,

Left to right: Raychel’s mom, the former Catholic, my good friend (in pink), & the woman who evangelizes overseas.

Raychel, her sister, my friend’s daughter, & me by a stream.

An outdoor chapel we came across.

It seemed that the towering pines were also reaching their hands toward Heaven in worship to God.

The three sweet girls who love Jesus. (The two oldest ones sang in their church last Sunday.)

The three princesses perched atop the lake’s spillway.

The lovely lake.

The resort’s fountain.

The princesses looking down from the cabin loft.

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