Soar On The Winds Of Your Storm

March 14, 2013

I received the below email yesterday and it was similar to something I had read a few days before about letting our problems and storms work for our good, doing so by soaring above, or even on, their winds by the power of the Spirit.

with love,

Hi Rachel

I had it on my heart to send you a message that you might like to post, and it’s still persistent on my heart so here goes.

I was watching a Nature Documentary on Planet Earth the other night, and there is a scene in it where there are certain birds, called Demoiselle cranes, which face one of the most challenging migrations ever. To reach their over-wintering ground, they must cross the Himalayas. By late morning ferocious winds are roaring past the peaks, and the cranes must gain height to avoid the building storm. They use thermals, rising columns of warm air to gain height. In the final stretch every wing beat becomes an exhausting struggle. At last they are over the highest barrier that is in their way.

I felt God speaking to me through that and wanting me to send this message, to perhaps encourage those that may be going through various struggles and resistances, to keep going. The interpretation is that we are in difficult times as believers who are seeking the Lord with all their heart, and God knows this. There are certain storms coming, and we need to keep pressing in close to the Lord, and ‘gain height’ so as to be able to weather the storms. This we do by using thermals (representing being filled with oil, the Holy Spirit) as we spend time in the Word, and with the Lord, waiting on Him to teach us and minister to us, and to strengthen us and build us up by the Holy Spirit, so that we can gain ‘height’ in the Lord and be strong in Him, shielded and able to face the storms that will surely get worse as time goes by in these times. God is encouraging us to keep on going, because the final stretch one day will be worth it, and even if it becomes an exhausting struggle at some stages, we will make it over the barrier and come into the inheritance that is ours in the Lord Jesus.

Also as a Reference: Matthew 25:1-13 The wise and foolish virgins.

Be blessed!

Kind Regards


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