Gratefulness Makes Room For Patience

March 11, 2013

Numerous times in God’s Word we are told to wait on the Lord. This means to wait for His timing and plan and to do so with patient and confident trust. The one who heeds this counsel will be at rest, will have peace in the soul, and will look about at all the things he can be thankful for. And while acknowledging that God is the Giver of all that is good, and that He is the only One who can work good out of wrong, this wise person will be giving God praise and thanksgiving for all that He is accomplishing even if appearances are insisting that evil is what is prevailing. For if patience does its work, the wait will reveal that God is indeed good, kind, and powerful, and a rewarder of them who wait on Him.

But how do we wait patiently? How do we acquire a patient spirit –one that waits without any alarm or even a shred of fretfulness? We do it by refusing to complain. We do it by looking for things to thank God for. We do it, in short, by being grateful.

Often gratefulness (like patience) is not something that comes naturally. So what we must do is determine to be grateful. This is much easier than determining to be patient, and being that it leads to so many other good and beneficial character traits, and many desirable attitudes (such as contentment and joy), then determining to be grateful is where we are wise to begin. In fact, we really cannot arrive at patience without first being grateful. And we really can’t have a fruitful advancement in the will of the Lord if we’re not able to wait on His timing and plan. So definitely, for those of us who aspire to walk spiritually strong and victorious, we should realize that it is a necessity that we come to possess patience –and as soon as possible.

For let’s consider this: How much ruin and devastation has come about when people rush into something that appears to be wonderful, harmless, exciting, and fulfilling? And how often do such things turn out to be the absolute opposite of what they seemed to be promising? Well, the answers are obvious. And considering the multiplication factor, it’s really worse than we could ever describe.

God’s Word warns us against being hasty in our words, judgements, and actions. The impatient man, however, strides forward presuming upon his own wisdom and abilities; but in the end, he is left with only havoc and disgrace. Not so the patient man. This man waits for the Lord’s counsel, and so God leads him in a good way, a way that produces fruitfulness, fellowship with God, happiness, and honor.

And what was it that the patient man learned a long time before? He learned to look around him, to take note of all things to be grateful for (including the storms that were his opportunities to see God’s compassion and power come through for him), and to give God the continual praise He is most worthy to receive. This is the man who was able to wait on God, and who, because of his calm, composed, and persevering trust, was able to walk mightily in the perfect and rewarding will of the Lord.

with love,

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