Sleeping Over The Sinkhole Of God’s Wrath

March 7, 2013

Just yesterday, since I don’t watch any news, I found out about the Florida man who was swallowed by the sinkhole while he lay sleeping in his bed. My mom told me about it because she said she was feeling terrible for the brother; so we prayed together over the phone for him. I said, though, that it made me think of God’s judgement against Korah and his followers when Moses was leading the Israelites through the desert. (Num. 16) They, along with their entire families, their tents, and their possessions, went down screaming into the grave, for the earth had split apart, opened its mouth, gulped them down, and closed over them. (v. 27,31-34)

Though it was Moses and Aaron whom the men thought they were opposing (v. 3) –angrily impatient with them for their “supposed” God-given leadership which had not yet brought them into the Promised Land (v. 3,12-14)– Moses informed them that it was actually the LORD they had banded against. (v. 11) And that in fact, they were treating the LORD with contempt. (v. 30)

Truly, the LORD will destroy all who exhibit insolence, arrogance, rebellion, and contempt toward Him. (Jude 1:11) Even those who affiliate themselves with such wicked men are in danger of being swept away with them. (Num. 16:26) Should we not all, therefore, have the fear of God in us? Who among us have kept our hands clean of things which God detests? Who among us have kept our hearts pure of filth? Who has determined, and done, exactly what God commands and requires, separating oneself from the ungodly –including separating one’s eyes, ears, mind, and heart from trash via the internet and T.V.? Who among us have made a covenant to set before ourselves “no vile thing”? (Ps. 101:3) Who among us have covenanted to never look lustfully at another? (Job 31:1) Who is being “careful to lead a blameless life” (Ps. 101:2) and walk within one’s “house with blameless heart”? (same verse) Who has renounced slander, pride, deceit, lies, faithlessness, and perversion? (See v. 3-7) If someone has not, we who are devoted to Christ do not want them in our presence (v. 6,7), and certainly not dwelling with us. (same verses) God Himself abhors such people (Ps. 5:4-6), and besides not tolerating them in HIS presence, He will destroy them. (same verses)

Off and on over the past two weeks the Lord has led me to meditate on Ex. 14 and 15, and I put checks by the verses about the enemy being swept into the sea and drowned. It was about the deep waters surging over them, but suddenly today verse 12 “jumped out” at me: “You [O LORD] stretched out Your right hand and the earth swallowed them.” The earth! –And by God’s command! Isn’t that a blatant warning of death?! It makes me shudder even now –especially being that three times yesterday, and then at least once again today, the Lord said loudly in my spirit, “Intercede!” Therefore I have been!

Whose destiny is the pit? Who will have a fate worse than that of being swept into the surging sea, worse than that of being gulped down by a sinkhole? We already know. It is the wicked. Those who go on in their sins, those who mock warnings to fear God, those who refuse to be cleansed of their loathsome behavior, those who run from, or just shrug off, the offer of pardon and new life.

Just as the Florida man lay in his bed sleeping while danger churned beneath him, so the fool lies in his bed of sin, laughing off warnings, but nevertheless, about to be swallowed by the wrath of the God who holds all sinners accountable for their deeds.

with love,

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