Believing The True Gospel Sets A Person Free

March 6, 2013

I was encouraged to respond to a seeker’s comment at this site:

Here is what I wrote there today:

It is commendable that you, though life has dealt you much hardship, are nevertheless seeking truth, wisdom, and freedom. May our loving Creator surround you with His love, comfort, and guidance in your search, and may He reveal His own majestic, infinitely-wondrous, and compassionate character to you so that you can walk in the peace and beauty which He extends through Christ.

I write to you as one who has experienced a hard, but also wonderful, exciting journey in the Lord who has taught me many things because I chose to go straight to His Word to find healing, hope, and Truth there. I have found those, plus all sorts of riches in the Word, because I have continuously found HIM there, and I continue to get to know Him better and better. As I’ve done this, I quit worldly pursuits so that I could better devote my time to putting His Word to practice, thus obeying what He, though His Word and Spirit, was calling me to do: To further Christ’s Gospel of Deliverance (Salvation and Freedom) with all my heart and effort. From this heart, I write to you to encourage you.

First of all, for a pastor to respond to your need by saying that you have “the spirit of Jezebel” is not only silly, but disgusting. The “Jezebel” who was married to Ahab, a king of Israel (1 Kings 16:31), was a foreign woman who was very wicked and cruel and who worshipped a demon god. She, as a queen, helped lead Israel into increased idolatry and she was vehemently hostile to the Lord’s true prophets. The “Jezebel” in Rev. 2:20 was a false spiritual teacher who called herself a prophetess and also misled people into sin, also from her position of authority and from the doctrines taught to her from Satan himself. (v. 24) So do either of these women describe you? Pastors who use this phrase are often those who themselves are teaching “things taught by demons” (1 Tim. 4:1) and who are, deep down, immature and fearful men who are intimidated by anyone else who gives an opinion. Such men, though they are in denial of it, are “hypocritical liars” (v. 2), using the “Jezebel” term to frighten, confuse, and control people.

Celebrate Recovery is a cult because it offers a false way to be saved. It does this by offering a weak deliverance from sin (even while promising freedom) through a false method and a reliance upon man (other people). While mixing in some Truth so as to better deceive, it teaches many things that are contrary to Scripture, one being that Jesus does not really deliver us completely from sin (addictions, obsessions, phobias, etc.), but only partially, while mentors are the ones who are really our helpers, though even then, we will never be fully delivered until we die.

Jesus, on the other hand, tells us that for those who obey Him, abide in His words, and hold to HIS teachings (–all found in the Word of God), we walk in the Truth and are thus set completely free from sin’s mastery. (John 8:31-36) The whole Gospel teaches this doctrine and that’s why it’s called the Good News. (See Romans chapters 6 & 8 and 1 John chapter 3 for starters.)

Because we live in an evil world, and because we have a powerful enemy (the devil) who hates us, we must crucify the Self which served Satan and live out our new life within the life of the One who has already defeated Satan. (Gal. 2:20 & 5:24 // Col. 3:3-10) This Person is Christ Jesus. (Col. 2:15) If we are “born from above” (John 3:3-8), which is a necessity in order to enter and live in the Kingdom of God (same verses), then we must be clothed with, and have in us, He who is All-powerful. (1 John 4:4 & 5:4,5,18-20) Therefore, being born anew (being born into a new creation by the Holy Spirit) is the only way to live a life above our problems, as well as in full victory over the evil realm. (Luke 10:19 // Col. 2:10) We do this not by a method, but by being “in” Christ through whom we have sliced off from ourselves the sinful nature. (Col. 2:11,12)

For men to teach that men can help others who have “an eternal cancer” (sin which leads to sin’s penalty) is false. The only Cure is Jesus. And because Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1,14), we must (spiritually) eat Him by meditating on His words, the words which are “spirit and life.” (See John 6:63) Only by this will we remain in Christ so as to live the life abundant –that life which is freedom from the power of sin and the evil one (John 15:1-10 & 10:10 // 1 John 5:18), and that life which is, and leads to, eternal life. (John 6:53-58 // 1 John 5:20)

Compared to God’s, human wisdom and strength amounts to virtually nothing. (1 Cor. 1:25) In fact, it is worthless (Ps. 60:11 // Isa. 2:22) and putting one’s trust in it will bring on a curse. (Jer. 17:5) Abiding in a cursed thing, and on a cursed path, may seem exciting and helpful for a while, “but in the end it leads to death.” (Prov. 14:12)

Trista, I pray that you get a Bible (a good version, not a paraphrase), get alone with God, open it, ask Him to forgive you and free you of your sins, ask Him to lead you into all Truth, and then do all that you can to learn His Word and only what HE teaches. If you do this, you will come to possess the fantastic privilege of this: The Heavenly Father –He who is the Most Powerful Being and King of the universe– will be your God. And you will be His dearly-beloved, cared-for child.

This is the direction which I, one of His grateful children, point you toward. I pray you choose to take it.

In Him,

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